Thursday, April 26, 2012

Joy & Tortillas

One year ago I wrote this crazy blog post about joy and Tortillas. Today I sit and smile, glad  I chose joy. I needed a sweet smile and a reminder like this post from myself, to search out and find joy - God is the author of joy and will not disappoint!

I left them alone for just 5 minutes.  All three children were outside playing together, nicely for once! I was so thrilled that Abby wasn't whining and the boys were nicely playing in their makeshift tent. I went inside to put groceries away and then ran upstairs to tidy up a few things. As I looked out the window to check on them I see it - hair rises on my arm, I feel my blood pressure skyrocket and I think out-load, "What the heck are they doing, I leave them alone for 5 minutes and they go straight to mischief!" I went outside to begin ranting and stopped to pause for a quick second - what happened to my joy? It was here just 1 minute ago, the  day was going to well! Am  I going to let this be the climax of my day? When I lay my head down tonight am I going to  regret my actions over a silly bag of tortillas?

I pause, pray, call my husband to talk me off that ledge of anger. Then, with just a tad bit more patience, the Holy Spirits conviction and a child like perspective I go into the backyard, I grab the giant Costco package of tortillas and begin throwing them all over the yard. My children, stare at me in horror , I rip a tortilla in half, give a piece to the baby and another to the dogs who were out stuffing their faces with my children's fun. I smile, my children run after flying tortillas and I breath. Then it comes - a smile.

Nope - my joy is not going to be ruined over $3.50 in tortillas. We will earn back that 3.50 with smiles, fun, a lesson on aerodynamics, Frisbee tosses and UFO sightings.God is my source of Joy and I won't be relinquishing it today!

God is a satisfying good — the soul cries out, ‘I have enough.’
God is the chief good.
That which is the chief good must ravish the soul with pleasure!
There must be in it rapturous delight and quintessence of joy!
God is the chief good.
Therefore the enjoyment of him
is the highest felicity.

~Thomas Watson, Puritan Sermons: Man’s Chief End is to Glorify God

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Cara said...

And now I'm smiling!!!! This moment is one your children will remember for years to come!!! So thankful you shared this, Melissa!!! :)