Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Sabbath

For this weeks Sabbath rest, I picked one of my favorite story tellers - James Herriot. My Aunt Beth sent me a book of James Harriot's favorite stories when I was very little. She knew I just loved animals and wanted to be a veterinarian when I got older. So for our Sabbath we read the first chapter from this book, which was the best stories from James Herriot. I loved looking at the Yorkshire countryside pictures when I was young and always dreamed of going to Derby and seeing the home of James Herriot.

Reading this book to my children brought back many memories of sitting in my little apartment room, where the window was eye level with the shrubs and bushes. I'd look out that beautiful Oregon window on the hill of Sexton Mountain while being engrossed with Harriot's many adventures. The book encouraged my love for all creatures great and small - hence Melissa's Multitudes was birthed and a few dozen animals were saved loved - birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, mice, hamsters, gerbil. Seriously, our home,  even now,  looks like a small animal vet - we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 frog, 3 caterpillars which will be butterfly's and 7 caterpillars which will turn into hummingbird hawk moths. I am just fascinated with living creatures and I think I may have accidentally passed that along to my children!

The boys didn't find the book as fascinating as I did - mainly because the language was a lot harder than they are use to and the pictures were not quite what the kids were use to. Harriot's writings are beautifully choreographed, written like a true story teller,  and his use of vocabulary quite advanced for a 3 and 6 year old's comprehension. Never the less, they enjoyed the descriptive language that brought images to their minds - especially the scene where 5 crazy dogs meet Herriot as he interviews for a vet position in derby. It was a sweet family time of scones, classical music, and the Best of James Herriot. Though - I did manage to forget to buy Raspberry preserves - mental note for next week!

I just ordered this children's book by James Herriot  for next week's Sabbath, we might need to start out with some easier vocab and work our way up to the real thing. Drew was in love with the idea of being a veterinarian, at one point he asked, "Mommy, is it ok to bring horses into the vet's office, even if they poop on the floor and can't fit through the door?" I explained that large animal vets actually go to the property and take care of the animals, only the really sick get transported to the Animal hospital. That conversation lasted about 10 minutes as we discussed horse trailers, animal hospitals, and such. I just love that boy!

After we had scones and books, John graciously cleaned up the kitchen and I spent some time out tending to the garden while the kids napped, then I snuck away for a nap of my own. It was delightful!

Finally we headed off to our church cell group and spent time listening to the Lord speak through believers, worshiping in community, and praying for one another. A couple in our team was so gracious to plan for Abby to be prayed over this evening - she has been sick for most of her life and it meant so much to us for our church body to lay hands on her and pray for healing. Today was certainly a Sweet Sabbath!
Abby looks so grown up in this picture!

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