Sunday, April 10, 2011

Slowing Down Time

Giving thanks for one thousand things 
is ultimately an invitation to slow down time 
with the weight of full attention.
~ A. Voskamp ~

850. Studying life science through the lens of baby eaglets, what a wonderful time of technology we live in. I'd never dreamed that I could show my children God's creation through a live video feed. The boys and I have grown so fond of the three baby eaglets and their hard working Momma and Daddy! Our studies have brought about  great conversations and many observations.

851. Metamorphosis! Our green caterpillars have finally cocooned and will hopefully emerge in a few weeks as Hummingbird Hawk Moths. They too have been a fascinating study in life science.

852. A little boy who is suddenly fascinated with reading! I'm so excited that Drew is enjoying reading and loves to sit still for 20 minutes and read to me. I'm so proud of how far Drew has come and the hard work and perseverance he has shown!

853.  My sweet husband who scheduled a masseuse to come over and give me a massage on a  relaxing Saturday night. John  even put the kids to sleep and cleaned the house so when I was done I could just relax.

854. Sweet smiles from my cranky, teething little girl after a much needed icy for her gums!

855. The joy of finding our butterfly's had emerged from their crasylis while we were at church Sunday morning,

856. Deep conversations about God, sin, grace, & forgiveness.  Drew made a statement while we were talking that if you lied you would go to Hell. We had a  great conversation about the blood of Jesus and how his gift of salvation covers our sins. We also talked about true faith which doesn't use the freedom of Christ as a license to sin.

857.  Getting out our Easter tomb and preparing our hearts for this lent season.

858. Laughter at the diaper tree I made trying to let the sun bleach Abby's cloth diapers. They smell so much better now - thanks sis for the advice! John and I just laughed so hard when I looked out the window to see my tree covered in diapers, it didn't seem so funny when I was putting them up there!

859. Family time Sunday, together reading James Herriot - All Creatures Great &  Small. 
The  boys loved the stories of God's special creatures, they now want to move out to a farm!

860. Time to myself on a Saturday morning, enjoying my Bible, coffee, classical music and a  candle. There is something so peaceful and rejuvenating about getting up early - too bad getting out of bed is so blasted hard most mornings!

861. Handy husband who fixes my screen door!

862. Back pain that reminds me why I have to work out, otherwise I  can't move most of the day!

863. Sweet & sincere comment from a nursery worker that made my morning!

864. Walking little one who loves to be involved in all that we do!

865. Time at night talking to my husband and being encouraged to press on towards the prize!

866. Meditating this week on Isaiah 55:11

"""So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth;
         It will not return to Me empty,
         Without accomplishing what I desire,
         And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it." 

867. Finished Precept study on 1 Thessalonians - I'm so blessed to have made the time to put into the study of God's word. I've learned so much about context  and word studies and Greek and Hebrew, It is such a gift to  be able to study God's Word! 1 Thessalonians taught me so much about encouragement and the  building up of the body of Christ. I was challenged to rid my life of sin, pray fervently with anticipation, give thanks in all things with a joy filled spirit, and walk in a manner worthy of the calling of Christ.  I'm especially grateful for our teacher Sally who diligently articulates God's word to her small group of women who long to hear from God each week! I am so blessed to have found this Precept study that roots and grounds me in God's Word.

867. The anticipation of a Sunday Sabbath nap!

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