Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slowing Down Time through Camping

"I want to live life as if it isn’t an emergency~
because it isn’t.

it is a gift...
in giving thanks, we get more time
... we see each moment as it is,
and the attentiveness slows. time. down.
life is not an emergency ~
giving thanks,
gives us time...
 time to enjoy the gift!"

~A, Voskamp ~ 

868.  Bi-Annual camping trip with old and new friends.
869. Sweet new friends who brought a canoe and let us all indulge in the lake beauty!
870. Mud Flights in the lake between father and son.
871. Conversations around the fire about heaven and witnessing to unbelievers through the godly patterns in our lives.
872.  The laughter of my sweet friend Nicole, she is such a special friend to me, one who "gets" me and is always encouraging me when I'm down. I am so blessed that God gave her a servants heart, that delivered a meal and visited me in the hospital - who knew a deep friendship of like minded women would blossom.
873. The moon so bright that our tent was illuminated all night long.
874. The laughter of children chasing and running and riding and skipping and leaping and somersaulting up and down the sidewalk where we camped.
875. My little blue eyed blessing who loved to cuddle and sing with me around the campfire. Gabe is not as social as his older brother, he was quite content to sit on my lap and ask for stories and songs and munch on his lone marshmallow.
876. A camper with a bathroom for those emergency trips to the restrooms when little ones can't hold it.
877. My little girly who even though she wasn't feeling too well, still had a wonderful time and gave us lots of smiles and giggles.
878. The next generation of best friends - Lia and Abby sharing the fun bike together!

879.  Sweet aging dog who loves camping and seems to "smile" a lot and act like a puppy despite her weary hips.
880. Setting up tents in the 50 mph wind storm - made for a lot of laughs.
881. Relaxing on the lake with friends while watching Drew run back and forth in the water.
882.Joy watching children play and make new friends.

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