Monday, April 4, 2011

Brush Strokes of God's Language

This afternoon Drew and I were marveling at God's created beauty and I remarked, "Can't you just picture God painting the strokes on butterfly wings, what a creative and beautiful God we serve." I expected some nodding, or anything to show that Drew was in agreement, but instead he just looked at me,  perplexed,  and then remarked, " Mom, that isn't true! God didn't paint the butterflies, he spoke them into existence." I was quite impressed with his theology, so I played dumb and asked, "What do you mean by spoke?" Drew's response was so matter of fact, "Well, remember back in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth - he spoke them into existence. Just like my Bible says!" After  telling Drew he was very correct, I then asked, "So, when God spoke the butterfly into existence, don't you think he painted a picture in His mind of what that butterfly was to look like?" After a  few seconds Drew replied, "Well I guess so, but  I want to know, "How does God speak mommy? I mean, has God actually spoken to you? I've never heard him talk to me out-loud."

What sweet questions from an inquisitive and very thoughtful little boy. Drew's question to me  isn't too far off from what most people ask. Does God speak to people, if so, how does God speak?

For me personally, God speaks through repeated messages, I'll hear a sermon, then someone will normally speak words affirming that message, then if its a decision I need to make I'll get a sense of what I'm suppose to do. A few times the Lord has spoken to me in dreams, or through the medium of a close friend who has shared with me something the Lord had laid on their heart. Often times the Lord speaks to me through His creation  - I love beauty and capturing beauty almost always opens my eyes and ears to God's message.

Always, whatever the situation is,  it backed up by contextual scripture. Most of the time I get a feeling or stirring in my mind, an idea works itself out and then a sense of peace fills my mind. So for  example,  if I have a decision to make, I'll pray about it, get a word from God, then rest on it for a few days. If the sense of peace is still present I'll bring that up to my husband and we'll decide the best route together.  I love it that my husband respects and even asks for my insight, John feels very strongly that the Lord often speaks through me, his wife, and takes that into careful consideration.

I just love the unique and creative  ways the Lord speaks to me. Last night He spoke through the  affirming words of believers. Last night, the Lord had given me a verse " For my ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts, declares the Lord." That verse aligned with many other verses and thoughts that were shared in our cell group. Finally, near the end, that same verse the Lord had given me earlier, was shared aloud  to the entire group. I believe those messages were for all the believers present, pushing us into the ministry of serving unbelievers with a steadfast and immovable love. God's way look so strange to the world and even to believers  that sometimes we doubt that the vision or passion is from God.  Christian's are called to a radical and crazy love - that is what we were being challenged with last night. God spoke, believers were in agreement and that agreement was aligned with the Word of God - our plumb line. God's word was shared for our action and the building up of the body of Christ.

Recently I was  talking with an unbeliever and they asked the same question that Drew asked earlier today, "Does God really speak to you, is He really that personal?" I believe God is in the intimacy business and speaking to His children is very much part of an active and relational closeness with God. God still speaks - in fact one of the great joys of being in communion with  Jesus, is that He speaks directly to His children. We don't have to go through pastors or mediums or priests -  we can go straight to the throne of God and listen to Him speak into our lives. What a joy to be a believer in Jesus Christ - that same God who spoke with world into existence also speaks life and direction into believers lives!

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