Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've been touched so much by the song Blessings by Lora Story, its been on the radio the last few weeks and it challenges my flesh in every way imaginable. This place in Texas is not my home, this is a mere blink of an eye compared to the amazing life that awaiting me in Heaven. I just finished the book Heaven Is For Real, which also spoke to me a lot about eternity and living with the end in mind. Both this song and the book changed my whole perspective on Heaven - the facts from the Bible are the same, but the book brought out the reality of what awaits believers - that Heaven is so real and so amazing and so worth every ounce of pain I've been through on this earth. The book challenged me to  be more purposeful in my prayer life, it developed more of a passion for others salvation and brought a deeper love for my family - my first mission field. Heaven is my eternal home, this place I'm in right now is a brief stop, which is necessary for my real life work - the work that last forever in heaven with my Papa. 

My most  treasured blessings have come through raindrops,
the trial of my life have shown me more about God's character & love for mankind, 
The pain remind me that this place is not my home, 
In fact, the more pain I am in, the more I long for heaven.

Heaven is my home and the home God created for all mankind,
God created a Hell for fallen angels, demons and satan,
God's mission isn't to make us happy, 
Its to reveal Himself to a lost and broken and perverse me - and you.

Gods desire is that none should perish.
but that choice had to be left to each individual.
We must have free will, otherwise we're just puppets acting out a pre-scripted play.
Salvation must be made by each person out of our own broken will.

Pain is God's way of drawing us to Himself, 
Life on earth sets the stage for the real life work of eternity.
Hell is real, it wasn't meant for us, but it is where those who die without Christ's blood live.
Hell is separation from all that is good, 
it is exponentially worse than the most horrific horror movie.
Hell too is for eternity, its permanent and no longer exchangable.
While we're alive we still have a choice to change eternity.

Heaven is available to all, but the way is narrow and the journey hard,
Few choose to truly sell out of Jesus and follow  the narrow path,
Few choose to think ahead to heaven,
Most get trapped by the world,
Live life for themselves and forget that this is not home. 

Salvation is a choice, 
in faith in the unseen God who designed our very being,
Faith filled living is hard and permanent,

On earth saving faith produces fruit that changes us from the inside out,
Most importantly, it changes the eternity of those on this earth.

In heaven our purpose will be revealed on into eternity,
In heaven I'll sit at my Papa's feet and he'll teach me all I need to know,
I'll be given a new body and wings to fly!

God's healing comes through tears,
My greatest disappointments and the aching of this life,
is the revealing of a greater thirst,
that this world can't satisfy
the rain.
the stars.
the hardest nights.
Are God's mercies in disguise.

The pain reminds us that this is not our home. God's unmerited favor towards us is revealed through pain, that pain draws us to God who is the keeper of our eternity.

 But God demonstrates his love for us 
by the fact that the Messiah died for us 
while we were still sinners.
Romans 5:8 

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