Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My children exhaust me, sometimes they do the stupidest silliest things,  life is a constant balancing act with many unexpected happenings each day, just a few recaps from today of my children doing childlike things that tested my patience and resolve:
  • Drew went flying over the couch in a giant hurry, skidded onto one of our favorite books and ripped a page out. 
  • I walked into my office to find one of my children had opened a gift I had set aside  for a friends birthday - just because it looked interesting and momma wasn't around to say "no".
  • One child dumped a good % of mommy's favorite coffee creamer into said child's tea, leaving mommy little to nothing for her morning coffee.
  • Said child placed his shedding dog in my brand new mini van that was detailed moments earlier, getting children to pick up hundreds of blond dog hairs out of the car was next to impossible!
  • The boys were using the manipulatives from our math lesson as swords, they proceeded to poke each other in the eye, cry and whine because the other sibling hurt them.
  • Boys fought over the same two feet on the couch,  there is about 10 feet on either side available for sitting, why didn't one just move over?
  • The boys attacked the Fedex man with swords when he delivered a package today,  all in the name of "protecting" mommy from the bad guys. I guess the Fedex man is use to it by now, good thing we give him lots of Almond Roca at Christmas time each year.
  • One child let the dogs out of the pantry while we were eating lunch, before I noticed one of the dogs ate all of Abby's lunch off her tray.
I did catch myself chuckling this afternoon as, 
  • I was trying to work with the boys on our math lesson, the dogs bark, the phone rings twice in 5 minutes,  Abby won't stop whining and then finally pukes all over the manipulatives and ottoman. What could I do but laugh and postpone the rest of math for another day.
  • Listening to Drew sing "My BODY lies over the ocean... oh bring back my body to me!" 
Lord, You know getting back into a rhythm since Christmas has been a struggle for me. Please grant me joy and patience to be the light and testimony that I know is within, I desperately need your presence in my life, I need time with You each day, I need time alone to meditate, I need your strength. I have this beautiful picture of the day each morning, but somewhere between dirty diapers, arguing children, messes all over the house, phones ringing, and the door bell deliveries, that beauty is forgotten. Help me to cling to my first love each moment of every day. You are my rock, may I never stray from the protection of your wings. Lord help me to find Joy!

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The Linders said...

Thank you, again, for sharing your heart. Such encouraging words for a Mom who often feels just the same about the chaos that takes place of the best laid plans :)