Thursday, April 7, 2011

Abby's New.....

TEETH! Sweet girly of mine has finally, at 15 months, earned some teeth! Abby was so crabby today, she cried during my mom's group and was inconsolable.  I thought she was sick because she is never that fussy - especially for others. Then, I looked in her mouth and she had three sparkly teeth protruding from her upper gums. No wonder! After 6 months of teething, she finally has some upper teeth! She is still fussy, but a cold Popsicle did wonders for the pain this afternoon.

BUMP = You can see in the picture that she fell and whacked her head on the brick flowerbed. I actually heard the thumb, but she was a trooper. After a few minutes she was off and running again. I can't believe she is walking!

My baby is growing up too fast!

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