Thursday, April 28, 2011

883. Gabers asking to listen to the food song. "The what song?" I ask. You know Momma, the song, "Whatever you eat, or drink, do it all for the Glory of God song?" I love it that my kids love singing and they love scripture. They haven't a clue that these words they hide in their hearts now, will remain with them their whole lives. The Word, precious words from their Father, are powerful words that can speak peace, breath fire, and convict souls.

884. A week of simple being home - nothing planned, no outings required, no commitments. A week long sabbatical to get  back to living out joy. Where are you joy? I'm finding you in the simple, the unhurried, in the messy long days, in the tortilla throwing contests in our backyard. 

885. My wise husband who offers sweet words of conviction, assurance of his love and help during times of struggle.

886. Easter celebrating with faith, family, and friends!

887. Empty tomb Easter morning - Advent - celebrating Christ's future return!

888. My new van! I  can't believe God worked it all out so perfectly!

889. Son who is "in love" with Math - his words not mine! Our 1st grade math arrived this week and I couldn't resist getting it out. Drew has already mastered the first week of 32 and is on to week 2. He loves math, like his daddy!

890. Great time ministering to mom's and encouraging them to read, read, read, to their children. The  talk went better than I dreamed, thanks to God's covering with the holy spirit and wise words that were spoken from my heart. I had so many women call or talk to me about this struggle, so blessed to have been able to serve these sweet hearted moms.

891. Time alone in the morning with my Bible - I  can't express how much I need that to start my day. Many years ago, I remember wondering how I could ever enjoy reading my Bible and struggling with the discipline of daily study. Back then I would go weeks without opening those pure words. I struggled for so long and God just kept telling me to "press on." Then one day I began praying, I prayed that I'd truly love God with my whole heart and committed to daily disciplined time - I started with 5 minutes. It was in this consistency and prayer that my time with the Lord began to change me.  I began to NEED God for my very existence. I needed all that He had to offer and now,  a few years later, I can't imaging how I'd get through a day without time alone with my Jesus. God gave me that gift of revealing himself! I am so blessed.

892. Little girl with her first set of piggy-tails!
893.  Cousins - my children's very first cousin!

894. Favorite flowers in bloom - Lilly's. My garden is littered with them - all in reds and yellows and pinks!

895. Girls in pink dresses with flowers and bare feet!

896. Reading time together with my boys - working our way through the Dangerous Journey - a children's version of Pilgrims Progress. What lessons and insight we are all learning as we tackle this journey together.

897. Sunday Sabbaths - our family day of rest! James Herriot has quickly become a Sunday favorite!

898. Easter Cross Scones with 5 types of preserves.

899. Driving to preschool in my new van - I'm just so thankful for the Lord's provision and the space we have for all our stuff!

900. Time spent encouraging a friend and receiving encouragement in return. I truly have the best friends in the whole world!

901. A box of shoes for my Cutie Petunia Abby - a gift from one of those best friends!

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