Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spiritually Speaking

"You Are Precious To Me....." These are the words the Lord has been weaving into my heart for the past few months - "You are Precious To Me..." - Just as you are - messy and graceless and fallen. Jesus says, "Come (just as you are) to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."  The last few months have been one of great intimacy with the Lord, it has been a time of diligent communion with my Father through the avenue of prayer, thanksgiving, conversation, and study, It has been a challenging few months too - I seem to always be tired, the questions the Lord penetrates my heart with are hard, the sin He reveals is burdensome, the patience I so desperately want to posses is challenged to the breaking point. Yet, it appears that the Lord works best when I am humble, when I'm empty, when I'm on my knees asking desperately for His grace because I have none left.

2011 has been marked with such beauty, I've been working hard in a few areas in my life - change is hard! I'm working on savoring the day, walking through the day with patience and without hurry. I feel I'm a more relaxed mother, the comparison game (you know the one where you compare your kids to others!) has been mostly eliminated because I now know what the Lord has called me to. There is peace when we're doing what the Lord has called me to - albeit hard a lot of the time, there is most certainly peace. I'm now able to line up my options in light of the vision God has given me as a wife and mother. It is producing a discerning spirit in my heart that is less swayed by the whims and impute of media and well meaning individuals.

Finally, the last few months have produced a love for my children and husband  like I've never experienced. I truly love spending time with my kids - whether it be forts in the house, nature walks, reading books, or just sitting with a child listening to them talk. I'm finally experiencing joy! Joy is s bi-product of faith, gratitude, and grace. I am reaping deeper intimacy with the Lord because I am daily getting into God's word, daily in prayer, and learning daily dependence. I find that I am quieter, more introspective, less agitated and anxious. My sweet husband is enjoying more time with me, I'm spending less time being busy and more time trying to listen and be there as an encourager and helper.

Lord thank you for redeeming the years the locust stole, thank you for not giving up on me when I was disobedient, may your power and Word be lived out in my life this week as the daily challenges arise.


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