Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seeing God in Gifts and Photography

"See that I am God. 
See that I am in everything. 
See that I do everything. 
See that I have never stopped ordering my works, 
nor ever shall, eternally. 
See that I lead everything on to the conclusion I ordained for it,
before time began, 
by the same power, wisdom and love with which I made it. 
How can something be amiss?" 

~ Julian of Norwich ~

 836. Spring is finally here, the flowers and weeds are blossoming and that means lots of time outside in the evenings playing as a family. It also means lots of vitamin D, less messes inside the house, long bike rides and fun with water!
 837. A sister & brother moment captured in a JPEG. Little girls just soften little boys, I didn't grow up with a brother so when I see my boys enamored by their little sister, it makes stop and thank the Lord for sending us the blessing of both genders. They are so different, yet complement each other so remarkable well.
 838. Little girl smile, rarely seen for some three weeks as she battled with pneumonia. Now that she is feeling better her smiles and jabbers are back in full force! I missed those smiles!
 839. Little boy anticipating cup cake decorating! A cute green apron to get messy!
 840. CUPCAKES ~ Who doesn't love a beautifully decorated cupcake, enjoyed on a warm morning, along with a cup of coffee!
841. Green polka-dotted dress, passed off by a dear friend who also brought 6 boxes of girly 12-24 month clothes for Miss Abby. We are blessed!
 842. A photo snapped at the perfect moment!
 843. Seeing God's love for mankind through the eyes of my daughter as she giggles and laughs on the swings. I am especially thankful for an evening out with family, enjoying a picnic, a park, and pictures!
 844. Making memories with Papa Tractor!
 845. A boy and his dog!
 846. Little girl learning the art of balance and  walking, what a blessing she has two big brothers to help her when she is down.
 847. A father and his sons, I am married to a wonderful man who loves to spend all his waking hours providing and spending time with his children and wife. My sweet John - you make even the mundane a sweet adventure waiting to be explored  - from home made teeter-totter to Venus Fly Traps which include evening bug hunts!
 848. Special moments at the park with a special grandpa who flew all the way from Oregon to bless us with his time. Time is precious and certainly an investment - Papa Tractor made lots of investments this week! We had such a wonderful time together basking in being Williams!
849. A mother who lives a short walk away and loves to have her grandchildren spend the night!

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