Thursday, March 31, 2011

School Time in Pictures

The boys made Roxaboxen and had to come up with transportation and money for their new town. Abby played along too! It was her  favorite unit study yet!
I manage struggle to get Drew to focus  2x a day for 20 minutes  - the rest of the day is for learning through play!
Studying the Life Cycle of the Hummingbird Hawk Moth.
We also have caterpillars that will change into Butterfly's. We're going to compare and contrast butterfly's to moths!
Nana got out all her tapes and Drew enjoyed many hours listening to all of the songs and books on tape!
Learning about weight and balance.
Daddy made a teeter totter and taught them about balance and force!
Abby has  been getting in on our Science Museum trips!
Learning about pirates? No, just working on Drew's lazy eye.  Thanks to Papa Tractor, Drew is sporting a new camo patch!
Spent a few mornings at the Science Museum!
We've been learning about the Venus Fly Trap - looks appetizing doesn't it!
Gabe has been working on fine motor skills like beading - Kitty wasn't too impressed with his skill!

Max was a little more impressed!    

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