Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Learning: What I've Learned

Homeschooling has been an adventure! It was NOTHING like I had imagined, yet our  family has grown closer in ways I never dreamed were possible. Our days have become a routine of integrating learning into everyday life. Here are some lessons I've learned during our first  three quarters of home learning:

  • Schedules are great for telling you what to do when you can't remember, but life rarely goes by what is on the agenda! 
  • Don't take myself so seriously
  • Have fun learning, you'll be amazed at  how much you've retained.
  • Homeschooling has taught me way more than it has taught my children.
  • Closeness within our family is more important than anything I could teach, it is within that closeness that learning develops and lasts - like learning how to solve conflict, learning how to say "I'm sorry please forgive me!"
  • When you homeschool, your children are always there -embrace it! 
  • Set aside 1-2 hours when everyone is quiet!
  • Don't compare teaching styles, curriculum, schedules, to most homeschoolers, unless you want to feel bad!  God gave you your children for a reason and it isn't to make them conform to what everyone else looks like.
  • Stop and smell the roses, your children actually appreciate them since they know all about photosynthesis.
  • Don't try to bring the public school model into the home - I'm really bad at this since public school is all I know.
  • Most homeschool children are outside the box - outside the box is good!
  • I'm more addicted to  childrens books now than ever before - that is dangerous, I only have so much space!
  • Homeschooling breeds sibling rivalry & revelry - time, arguments, & the boisterous merriment of play develops long lasting friendships. It has  been so amazing to watch the kids care and play together this year. I can't believe two boys would be so in love with their sister that they would include her in their imaginative play!
  • Working from home while homeschooling is not for the faint at heart!
  • A homeschooling support group is a must!
  • Homeschooling makes for very long days that always end in exhaustion!
  • Learning at home breeds children who are constantly asking "Why" and never satisfied with a quick answer - Google has becomes a common word in our home!
  • Homeschooling brings out the best and worst of mothering.
  • Daily time with the Lord before the kids wake is the only way I've found to have a great, productive day. 
  • God's mercies are new every morning, just because yesterday seemed like a failure, doesn't mean today will be. Most days I feel like nothing was learned, then I sit down and recall all that we did and I am amazed at all the knowledge woven into our conversations and outings.

I've heard the first year is always the hardest, so I guess we'll give year #2 a try and see how it goes!

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The Linders said...

Thanks for sharing this! I've enjoyed reading about your journey this year, and hope to come alongside you soon :)