Thursday, March 17, 2011

Family Time Sunday

After church on Sunday we had our first Family Sabbath - inspired by the Sally Clarkson conference I went to last month. It was a wonderful time together - instead of cleaning up the messy house, I overlooked the chaos and "civilized the home" with tea and scones and what Charlotte Mason would call a "living book."

We read Teddy's Button and ate scones and drank our tea. It was wonderful! Gabe & Abby lasted about 30 minutes and then headed off to nap-land, but Drew was all ears! The book took a little over and hour to read, plus time to answer some deep Drew questions. Teddy's Button is a great book to read  to boys 5 and older. The book feeds on little  boys desires for adventure and addresses the fact that we are our own worst enemy. Teddy even names his fleshly self and the book shows how he wrestles with making good and bad choices and that just because we make good choices it doesn't mean situations will work out the way we would like. Teddy's Button also gives the child the  gospel in language appropriate for little ears. It is a beautifully simplistic book that answers the question of "how do I love my neighbor?" especially when I don't like them!  Through this charming story, Amy LeFeuvre helps children  and adults to comprehend that they are in a spiritual battle; this battle can begin with  a child like faith and a deep desire to obey - even when it costs us our most prized possession.  Drew especially liked the fact that the author related the spiritual battle within to a real war that has two sides - good and evil. He loved the battle scene where the two children won't yield to the other and they end up falling in the lake! The illustrations in this book are captivating and beautifully painted. The child longs for the page to  be turned so they can see what Teddy is going to do next.  Teddy wrestles a lot with pride and lying  and the illustrations appropriately bring to life those attitudes that rage within us all!It is very laughable when our attitudes are captured on canvas, yet they bring us all back to a time when we acted unbecoming and we had to make it right. Teddy's Button is a must read - we purchased our copy from Lamplighter Publishing - a Christian publishing company that brings back to life antiquated Christian books. Their books provide our children with hero's who  wrestling with morality, character, and faith.

After our Family Sabbath of reading and scones, Drew and Daddy rested together on the couch and I enjoyed some sweet time alone to myself before we headed back to church for our team meeting. It was the perfect non-media day!

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