Thursday, March 3, 2011

Counting Them One By One

"As long as thanks is possible then joy is always possible."

~ A Voskamp ~

796. A gritty life filled with grace and mercy

797. Family time together

798. Reading my favorite childrens book Roxaboxen to my children over and over again. The illustrations by  Barbara Cooney are just inviting us to create our own Roxaboxen!

799. Roxaboxen fort of sheets in the living room.

800. Dinosaur park with my family, watching the boys run and run with their friends and driving home exhausted

801. Homemade butter

802. Man who opened the door so my stroller could sail through.

803 Identity theft - so very glad my credit card company caught
 the flight to Mexico and shut down my credit card,

804. Whiny little boy who just needed to take a nap.
805. "The only words that matter are the words that we live," A. Voskamp

806. Remembering my childhood tree fort and how I'd escape there and nestle into imaginary lands through the medium of books.

807. Eucharisteo in the car with my children - passing gratitude onto the next generation.

808. God's character transforming my bad into good.

809. Butterfly hiding beneath the trees.

810.  Moments together with my love. Celebrating 13 years of meeting in just another week!

811. God's constant provision, fighting for joy while fear and suffering threaten to dump upon my door. Daily choosing to rest in God's plans and not my own. I choose joy - today!

812. I'm thankful for Ann's life and the challenge she posted on her blog 4 years ago, it truly has changed my life!

813. Digging for dinosaur bones!

814.  The taste of local honey in my evening tea, nestled down with a great book.

815. Sweet baby cuddles from my Abby as she rubs her swollen eyes on  my chest.

816. Pruning the garden outside while also pruning the  garden of my own soul through gratuitude.

817. Drew telling me when I asked him where he disappeared to, "Momma, I  went outside to get some of that vitamin D your always talking about!"

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