Saturday, March 12, 2011

818. Chasing butterflies with my boys.

819. Fresh mulch in my flower beds, sore muscles from lifting & pouring  all those  bags.

820. Weekend To Remember 2011 - wonderful speakers, wonderful friends and family to enjoy the marriage  checkup with. We did miss our friends the Tyson's this year though.

821. Grateful for my husband who shares the gospel with others in a non=threatening way. I just love how he uses our marriage as a platform to build upon God's power in the lives of those who love Him.

822. Our wonderful team of couples at church, I just love all of them and their openness to share their stresses, struggles, and sins.

823. Little  boy learning how to follow through on tasks, the sweet words of "yes mam," and the many reminders to focus on the task.

824. A little boy and his dog, Drew and Max have fallen in love and it is so sweet to see the hugs and concern Drew is giving to his little dog.

825. 29 books for $2.90 at the Community Store House, the deals I brought home will bless our home for many years to come.

826. Spring has arrived in North Texas, the Bradford Pear tree is in bloom and the bulbs are singing God's beauty each morning as I look out the windows.

827. Energetic boys who keep me on my toes and on my knees.

828. Whispering truth to my little girl as she drifts off to sleep in my lap.

829. Visit from family from Oregon, we had such a relaxing and delightful time with Grandma Patti, Aunt Kessa and Uncle David. We can't wait to visit with them again in June when we are blessed to be heading to Colorado for a family get together.

830. Nature walk over  bridges and to the pond where we learned about ducks,

831. Watching the ducks play "tag!"

832 Baby giggles when being tickled.

833. Fajita lunch with my family, good conversation and a nice nap after!

834. Listening to the boys sing Chris Tomlin's songs over lunch.

835. Cleaned out shed that can now hold the lawn mower. Thank you Grandma Patti!

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