Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hands Wide Open

"Who Can Live With Hands Wide Open?"
A. Voskamp

751. A finished book ~ One Thousand  Gifts ~ learning how to live with Hands Wide Open.

752.  Learning the ins and outs of a new camera - this  camera is way smarter than me!
753. Brotherly Love on a warm Winter  day.

754. A beautiful three days of discipline, school work, letters learned, geography practiced

755. Valentines Day surprises!

756. Husband who comes home exhausted and a wife who took a little nap and was ready to listen and ,massage weary muscles.

757. Living with hands wide open ~ spent the weekend meditating and writing in my journal the various ways God turned terror into beauty these some 31 years. 

758. Husband who loves me and kicks me out of the house on a Saturday so I can relax at my favorite coffee place and just rest in the Lord's goodness.

759. A Bible study leader so gifted and willing to give up her Monday nights to serve our small fellowship through the book of 1 Thessalonians.

760. J,O.Y.

761. Silly little boys running off energy - where does it all come from?

762. Walk to the "rocks" just Drew, Abby, and me. Special time with Drew just talking and skip counting and learning to walk the dog. His smiles were priceless!

763. Gabe, Abby, and me together at the park listening to giggles as they both fly through the air on swings.

764. Pending love letters from my husband who is always romantic with his words.

765. Reminiscing our first valentines day when John wrote me 4 poems - he must have spent days on them because I later found all his scribbles and doodles. I just love this man!

766. Protection for the kids while mommy was away,

767. Mrs Kelly - the woman is a saint! The boys decorated these dog houses she had made on Valentines day (there are adorable Hallmark puppies that came too!). The boys have been playing in  their dig houses for three  days now! We are so blessed to have this gentile woman who cherishes our kids and invests her full energy into them. I wish I were as patient and creative as Mrs Kelly ~ she challenges me in so many ways! We are blessed!

768. Monday morning spin class - nothing like the beginning of a new week started in grace!

769. Art History lesson with living books sent from sweet Aunt Beth!

770. Alone for an hour at Starbucks, while Drew went to T-kids,  just working on my study and sipping Chai Tea.

771. Little boy learning through  creative play - I can't believe he is going to grow into a man. I was looking over these pictures and he just looks so old to me. I sure hope he doesn't wear dirt on his face when he is 20!

772. Rhythm of life back in routine.

773. Husband and I just relaxing and watching a movie!

774. Anticipation! Can't wait for the Sally Clarkson conference this weekend and the time with good friends.

775. Twinkle in the eyes of boys getting into mischief.

776. Front porch light inviting me home.

777. God's Grace, God's Grace, God's Grace to make it through another profitable  day.

778.  Sweet women who meet regularly for ice cream, chat about life and leave filled.

779. Praying to see - see the world through the eyes of God.

780. Practicing Eucharisteo with my  children ~ listening to their list of thankfulness ~ brings joy to my soul.

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Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s, I know it’s Friday – but these thank you lists are not only amazing but they take a long time to read – and comment on :) I still won’t get to them all – and I’m sorry I’m late to yours.

Of your list this one is my favorite one: 779. Praying to see - see the world through the eyes of God. (if we could just do this all the time – we can’t – that’s the whole point of Grace – but if we could…)

Your list made me smile. Smiles are good. Thank you.

God Bless you and all of yours