Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unwrapping Love Through Lists

Paul learned in Philippians 4:11-12 how to live out joy. Since the Fall of Man the Eucharist has been broken and we must learn to give thanks to live a full and joy-filled life. I'm three chapters into Ann's Book, One Thousand Gifts, Ann writes,
"Gratitude in the midst of death and divorce and debt - that the language I've got to learn to speak - because  this the kind of life I'm living, the kind I have  to solve. If Eucharisteo is the key to unlocking the mystery of life, this I  want. I want the hunt, the long sleuthing, the careful piecing together."   One Thousand Gifts Page 47

I want that, I want to truly live out - daily, moment by moment grace, which is revealed in my life through thanksgiving (Eucharsteo) and joy. So here continues my life pursuit of Grace ... Joy.... Thanksgiving.  The journey is life changing, mind altering, imtimate and dare I say - Beautiful.

642. Grace for today - moment by moment grace which blessed me with a wonderful day enveloped with schooling, bike riding, story reading and smiles!

643. Drew's mastering of skills we struggled with at the beginning of the year. I'm so proud of my sweet son who loves learning and is eager to work hard (most days). It has been a struggle for this graceless momma to give what she hasn't daily received. When I embrace moment by moment grace I'm much more eager to bestow it on my little learners.

644. Intimate times with my Lord this week at Starbucks, a distant last week, that helps me get up early to spend time with my Papa this week. Lord give me grace for another early morning date with you tomorrow.

645. A 6 year old, new bike owner,  whose smiles of accomplishments are invigorating. Lord, protect our little speed demon who has a lot of energy and not too much common sense!

646. A Husband  who prays....
647. A story completed, boys captivated with castles and escaping into pictures and books.
648. Gears - the boys spent hours today playing with the gears on Drew's new bike - spinning and breaking and spinning some more. The delight and inquiry in their eyes made me want to give thanks.

649. Life - I've been given another day to lay influence on these sweet children.

650. Mail that arrives while I'm cleaning out the car - I can see the smile on the mail-woman's face because she doesn't have to  get out of her car to deliver my package.She leaves just a little brighter than before she encountered us - two inquisitive boys, one sweet baby happily smiling and a smile from an overwhelmed momma.

650. Rocking my sweet girly to sleep, the smell of her hair as she leans in, face on chest, fingering her caterpillar and listening to soft water falling. She is my lover of routine and quick to sleep when cuddled and rocked by mommy. I linger longer these evenings, last baby, last chances for baby rocking and quiet praying over dainty infant who never stirs.

651. Water that spills on art projects, children who won't eat dinner, tears before bed because toys we're picked up and Daddy confiscated "All our favorite toys!" Hard lessons for wee children, so glad I've been more grace filled these days, lessons are learned and remembered more often when covered in grace. 

652. A Book, A Quiet house, humming of sander, tea and a blazing fireplace. A perfect evening for time alone with my Papa. Oh and dare I mention the fresh peanut butter cookies?

653. Stumbling and  receiving Grace.

654. A changed heart, a quieter spirit, a praying momma, a louder home and children who love adventures.

655. A walk around the neighborhood, Drew riding his new bike, Gabe flailing his little legs in hopes of  keeping up with his brother. Bonus - tired children who are eager for bed so mama can escape into a book!

656. Hair bows that bless the head of my sweet daughter. There is nothing like brightening up a morning than a baby girl with homemade crocheted hats (Thanks  Grandma Carol) and sweet clip on daisies.

Eucharist (Thanksgiving) is the state of being the perfect man.
Eucharist is the life of paradise.
Eucharist is the only full and real response of man to God's creation,
redemption, and gift of heaven.

~ Alexander Schmemann ~

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