Friday, January 7, 2011

Poverty of Spirit *Update*

So I posted the first Poverty of Spirit about 7AM this morning. From 8AM until now it has been a day of great poverty. It has been a hard day with lots of opportunity for prayer. There was no lessons, no books, nothing but unhappy children and lots of messes. Not the day I planned, but a great day for practice. Turns out after a morning of very naughty behavior, Gabe came down with some stomach bug which included lots of messes in his bed. Abby woke up with it this morning and is throwing up and has diarrhea. Such delight! Drew is bored out of his mind  because I'm busy cleaning and washing and Gabe has been sleeping most of the day. Drew has been getting into tons of trouble- not listening and wanting attention.

Drew and I sat and cuddled this afternoon to talk about his behavior, he just looked at me and said. "Mom, its just so hard to obey sometimes!" I agree my son, I agree!

So, today I've accomplished nothing,  But, I have kept my children alive! I am very encouraged, I've not been upset or angry about the days fruitlessness - God has been very gracious to help keep my mind on Him!

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