Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011 Spiritual Goals

Over the last three months I've  been praying and thinking about what goals I'd like to set for 2011. My goal setting for 2010 went fairly well which is rather encouraging! Two years ago our Team read Celebration of Disciplines - the book was wonderful but there was so much there! I hate reading a book for the sake of just reading it; I like reading books to get something out of them - whether its for pleasure of for a specific purpose. We flew through this book and I really wanted to delve into it more, so over the last month I've been re-reading the book. I wanted to tackle the whole book, but knew that would lead in utter failure, so the Lord impressed on my heart two key disciplines to work on in 2011 - Prayer and Fasting.

This December I've been doing word and scripture studies and having so much fun with it! So I've picked two disciplines this year and will pick two more each year until all the disciplines are covered.

So here are my spiritual goals for 2011 - I'm so glad I have a whole 12 months to work on these!

Spiritual Goals:
  • Read: A Praying Life by Paul Miller
  • Read: Forgotten God by Francis Chan
  • Re-Read: Fasting by Jentzen Franklin
  • Continue the Kay Arthur studies on Monday Nights
  • Work Diligently on applying the art of a praying life into my daily life through study, prayer cards, scripture memory
  • Set aside one time each week to pray and listen quietly to the Lord
  • Start to master a daily fast once a month, working my way up to a longer fast yet to be determine

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