Monday, January 24, 2011

Naming Them One By One

"The real problem of life is never a lack of time.
The real problem of life - in my life - is lack of thanksgiving."
One Thousand Gifts
A. Voskamp, Page 72

672. Blessed to  be a recovering Cynic! *Read a praying life by Paul Miller to give counsel from The Word on overcoming this accepted form of sin.

673. A message from God for a friend - a voice of encouragement, an intercessor for prayer, a shoulder to lean on in time of need.

674. A Birthday Bash for our Big 6 year old Drew, so many came to love on him and celebrate his life with us.

675. A mere sparrow singing at my window while I prepared pancakes - the worm in his mouth I'm sure he was thankful for.

676. Reviewing lists of Thanksgivings that encourage and uplift - reminding me of how far I've come and how far I still have to go.

677. My "ferocious thrash with joy" as I battle between emotion and obedience.

678. Blessing a friend, wish I could see the smiles!

679. A cold morning, another fleshly desire overcome, it was quite the battle this morning.

680. Weary mama trying to bless the day of her Birthday boy - man that kid has  a memory, he recited all the Birthday traditions I did for Gabe and  expected them all - even the action figure surprise on his whip cream covered pancakes. I love it that my kids really get into family traditions!

681. Saving faith - Lord you have been refining me through fire, I am blessed to know that my faith is real and not some imitation that never will satisfy. Thank you for satisfying my soul. after so many years of struggling with intimacy I've finally been shown that seeking after You was all I needed to do - that seeking  was spelled "T.I.M.E" - time the the Word, time humbling praying and memorizing You Words. Lord may I never look back and press on to a disciplined and grace -filled life in step with You.

682. Disciplined obedience, the ability to overcome temptations when  walking in your strength. Lord, help me to grasp each moment and walk in the fullness of your saving and redeeming love.

683. Quiet mornings for meditation and prayer before the battlefield of chaos ensues,

684. The poem "The Llama who had no pajama," this poem made the boys just giggle and giggle. I must have read it 3x and its a long poem!

685. Say this quick "Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread." The boys and I were in fits and giggles trying to say this poem/tongue twister fast.  I love our new poetry book - Llama Llama who had no pajama, the poems are so fun and its really teaching them the art of interpretation.

686. Night out renewing my mind studying how to read and interpret the Bible accurately. I am really enjoying Greek and Hebrew!

687. Another day with a messy house, been too focused on work and schooling to get housework done.

688. A daddy who surprise his son by coming home early and taking him to Burger King for a birthday dinner.
689. Remembering the evening my son was born and the night we both laid awake just staring into each-others eyes.

690. Sweet red dress, leggings and adorable black/White "hippy hat" made with love from Oregon.

691. Turned on a  movie for the kids and didn't feel guilty!

692. Remembering Drew at 2 - he was so quiet and that smile was just contagious. Now Drew talks a mile and minute and I can't get him to slow down enough to see his smiling face! How life has changed in the last few yearsl

693. Looking tonight at pictures of Drew over the last 6 years, how he has grown and changed. I am a blessed mama to wake up to this big boy each day. He delights me with questions and keeps me focused on those things that truly matter in the Kingdom of God. I pray that when Drew looks back at his childhood, he won't think that  I was an anal and up-tightly perfect mother, but will remember that I was a "sinner saved by grace- filled" mother who tried to model and point him to Christ. May he remember that we had fun and laughed and sat at the feet of Jesus.

694. Office littered with Nerf weapons and How to Train Your Dragon swards - a battle occured just a few hours ago.

695. First introduction to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - boys LOVED it. Thank you Great Nana for the thoughtful Birthday gift!

696. Silence --- Sleeping and peace filled children down for the night.

~Blessings, Melissa ~

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