Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 2011 Grocery Shopping

We're eating out of our pantry & freezer this month - cleaning and making room for a new 2011 stockpile. So far this week we've eaten: a tuna helper meal, baked homemade pizza, finished off two boxes of cereal we weren't too crazy about, made 10 cups of pudding and made homemade laundry soap. My pantry and freezer are looking better! We did bring home food Wednesday because I was in a training most of the day and wasn't able to get things ready for dinner. Overall a great week in savings!

My personal goal is to spend less than 100.00 on groceries this month. I  went to Kroger and Tom Thumb last night for my first trip of the new year, we only really needed milk and peanut butter. The rest of my finds were all great deals! I spent two hours enjoying a "House" marathon on TV and coupon organizing this past Thursday night and put together a few great deals! Here is a picture of my load!

The best finds were:
  • 8 boxes of cereal - Kashi and Special K (.25cents  per box)
  • 2 Formula powdered Cans and  4 liquid Similac bottles of formula (Made 1.50 per can/bottle)
  • Pull Ups $4.00
  • 2 Free liters of Sprite
  • Vanilla Creamer for .75 each for 32oz bottle
  • Almond milk for .75  a halk gallon
  • 2 Free Greek Yogurts
In total the cost was as follows:

Kroger $115.12 + markdowns which ring up at 100%
Out of Pocket I paid $16.12
Savings of 86%

Tom Thumb $17.36 oop paid 6.72
Savings of 62%

Not  bad for 2 hours work and time watching TV!


The Linders said...

Amazing! Can I sign up for coupon lessons? :)

Jodi.Pafford said...

Wow, that's awesome. I might try that next month....I could use a $100/month grocery budget!! Way to go!! Do you get most of your coupons from Sunday's papers or other places...please share!!