Monday, January 24, 2011

Inscriptions For Drew

My son, Today you are 6, how can that possible be? I remember the  day I birthed you so  very clearly. You were our first -- the fist to get all the new baby things, the first for me to rock and cuddle, the first to walk and say "Mama". I loved celebrating with you all those "first" milestones.  I was so blessed when you were born, you just filled my days with such joy! Your Daddy worked nights and  was going to school that first year, so it was just the two of us most days. You slept so well - almost 18 hours a  day for the first few months and you just fit into my life so perfectly. You had reflux and puked all over everything we owned.  I looked through some pictures to post and almost all the pictures showed your passy (splash shield as Daddy fondly called it) and a spit up rag.

You so were very eager  to make your appearance, that last 3 months of pregnancy was the hardest period in my entire life, I had no idea how much trouble a little human could cause - but it was worth every moment. I especially remember Daddy  and Titi making Thanksgiving dinner because I was on bed rest. A  few weeks after that I ended up in the hospital already dilated to a 3 at 28 weeks. Then I had a kidney infection and my temperature spiked to 105 degrees. You weren't moving and we were so worried that we were going to loose you. After that we were so sure you would be born premature, yet thanks to the Lord you held off until 35 weeks. I gained so much weight with you! I sat around for 3 months eating, reading, and watching TV. It was all that weight that grew you to 6.6 pounds at birth. You were perfect- I'd never met a more beautifully formed baby. You had a head of hair and a perfectly formed face that in no way looked "preemie-ish"! The labor was almost funny, I went to have you naturally, believing that labor wouldn't be too bad - after all I was already at a 6! You came so quickly that I could feel you flying through the birth  canal pinching all my nerves as you went down. You came out sunny side up which gave me the most intense back labor,  it was so painful, but nice and quick! You came so quick the NICU weren't there right away to check you out. I loved having you on my chest while we waited - there were no signs of breathing trouble -  they declared you perfectly healthy! That night we cuddled all night long, I couldn't sleep and you dozed all night. 

Now you  are 6 - six years and two siblings later you have blossomed into a little boy of such gentleness! You just love to play with your brother and sister, this past year I've noticed that you think a lot more about serving them. You love to tell Gabe stories and imagine great battles. Your favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon. You love music - you listen to all the words and ask me lots of questions. Today we were eating lunch and you heard Chris Tomlin's CD and  commented, '"Mom, we serve God, where He goes we go and when he leads we follow. I heard that in the song!" I just love your active imagination and funny epiphanies you share with me. Last week you asked where cheese came from and how it was made. You spent hours looking at video's and looking at books about cheese. I bought you A.A Milne's book, Now We Are Six to read this year. You also were excited to begin King Aurthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Your reading has improved  a lot this year, you can read three letter words! I'm so proud of you. It seems you have  your fathers gift for math - all the concepts you've learned this year came so easy, I didn't really even have to teach it, you just figured it all out. We were working on even and odd numbers today and you said, "Look mom, its a pattern - every other number is odd/even!"

Drew, you are growing into a boy with integrity and passion for serving others. I'm so  excited to see the amazing things God does with your life. You love to pray for everyday occurances and have such a thankful heart. I love it that all your prayers begin with Thanksgiving to the Lord. I'm so blessed to call you my son. God will do awesome and mighty things in and through your life. I'm so excited to walk along side this journey with you.

Lord - I pray that you would help Drew to keep the ways of the Lord, May Drew grow to be a man of righteousness and justice. Bless Drew as you blessed Abraham and bestow upon him great and mights responsibilities that will bring  You glory!


"For I have chosen (Drew), 
that he may command his children 
and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord 
by doing righteousness and justice, 
so that the Lord may bring to (Drew) what he has promised him.”
Genesis 18:19

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