Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hard Eucharisteo

 This week has been rough, its been a hard eucharisteo. So many hurting friends, so many prayers for grace, so many exhaustive and  lonely days and so many bad attitudes. But... I've been counting blessings, counting this hard week as a strengthening of spiritual muscles.

697. Little boys in kune skin hats playing with rocks and giggling like best friends.

698. Warm weather - many walks around the block and time for Drew to test out his new wheels!

699. Little girl smiles at 4:00 am as I massage her tummy to get out lots of gas. The joy of being reminded that these sweet night meetings, night time cuddles, sleepy eyed girly needing mommy's tender touch, are not going to linger much longer.

700. Great friend Nicole who makes all my kids Birthday so special with her cake creations! No other friend would spend hours creating a castle cake to appease a blossoming 6 year old.

701. Patience amidst chaos.

702. A calming verse when all seems lost, a little boys quick repentance once he sees mommy reading her Bible. Seriously, I got out my bible and read a few verses, then went to deal with my disobedient child, before I made it to the kitchen, said child  asked, "Mommy did  I make you read your bible? I'm really sorry I didn't obey when you asked me to, I'll not do that again..." Thank you Lord!

703 Little girl playing in dead calla lilly compost - a mother in law who is coming in March to help tame this wild mess of a yard.
704. Giving my sweet husband a well deserved foot massage.
705. Encouraging words from a mentor when I'm down and depressed.

706. Little boys who grab books and bread and sit at the table with racing imaginations.
707. Lego creations, proud child who finished one all by himself!

9708. Delighting as child grasps concept of greater than and less than - I just love watching that "light bulb" come on!
709. Proud 3 year old who wants to do everything just like older brother.
710. Holy Spirit words that come across phone lines to speak life into a friend... or at least life into this Hard Heart.
711. Fasting husband who disciplines his life and asks big questions and seeks big answers from God.
712. The undo button since I just deleted this entire post and then brought it back to life! I think that is a sign I'm tired and need to go to bed!
713. Dirty diapers to clean, piles of laundry to wash and beautiful front loaders that magically make laundry not so much of a chore.
714. Little boys who go to bed without dinner, but are reminded that tomorrow is another day with no mistakes.
715. My boy who still prays for Santa and Rudolph at every meal. Young innocence - I just want to bottle it up and keep them this way forever.

~ Blessings, Melissa ~

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