Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Winds Are Blowing

We are in the midst of so many different things - school, Christmas, Thankfulness, sickness, home learning. There are just so many things to blog about!

So for starters, our little Abby is once again sick with RSV. She went in last weekend to the ER and was diagnosed. This is a much worse RSV that the one she had the  beginning of October. When I took her in she was  breathing at 88%  and was only 92-94% when we left. It  was a rough few days of throwing up, fever, suctioning, medicine, breathing treatments and lots of cuddles. She is now only left with a runny nose, but Gabe now has it and has been running a fever the last 4 days, The runny nose is around the corner! He too is already on breathing treatments and his asthma medicine. It appears that this will be a long winter of staying home and away from crowds.We've spent the weekend cleaning up the house, washing sheets and quilts and dusting. I'm trying to get everything sterilized so Abby doesn't get RSV again. We are also decking out the house with Christmas! The stockings are hung and Advent is upon us!

Drew saved up three weeks of character checks and used them for a Mommy date and movie. We saw Tangled and ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A and then had hot cocoa at Starbucks on the way home. He glowed  the whole time and was so excited, he just kept saying, "This is the best mommy date so far!" I love that little boy. He just lights up a room with his questions and imaginative statements. I loved how he talked to me about the movies message and even gave me a brief narration all on his own. I was especially impressed with how much of a gentleman he was - holding the door for me and Great Nana.I had one of those rare moments, at Starbucks of course, listening to Drew talk about the movie, how he wanted Gabe to be there, how the little girl didn't obey her mother and how wrong that was not to obey. I just sat back listening with my Nana at his child like wisdom and just enjoyed the moment. Drew is growing up, the values and stories and time invested in him is beginning to take root. I tried in that moment to be content, to rest in this small accomplishment and say to myself, " It is enough!" I'm doing all that I can do, most  days, and "It is enough". God will be responsible for the rest, my obedience is enough. Far too often, frankly most of my life, the things I've done have never been enough for me. I'm sure God has been up there shaking His head in sorrow that I couldn't sit back and just be content and rest in the hard work. This year of growth and learning has made me realize that faith and obedience to the fullest is what I'm expected to do,  God is responsible for the outcome. I remembered the blog post by Sally Clarkson, she wrote about the epidemic of comparison and how as mom's we are always comparing ourselves to others and we never measure up, She writes here,
"Comparing ourselves to others is epidemic. Comparison will always, always be destructive. We will either find ourselves falling short of others, and that will cultivate self-condemnation. Or, we will find ourselves better than others and that will bring pride."  “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”
Not come to me all who are perfect, have arrived, have accomplished enough.
If I am acceptable to the Lord of Hosts, the king of the whole universe, then I need not compare myself to others. As a matter of fact, it is the only way I am acceptable to Him, if I don’t try to come to Him on my merit, because I will always come up short."

That hit home to me this week! So I'm delighting in being just me, a humble mommy who often messes up, doesn't keep the house as clean as I want or the schooling as organized or on time as I'd like, or the kids as healthy as I believe they should be. I'm delighting in the ordinary days of just being home with my kids talking and walking and singing together amidst the mess and chaos and busyness. I'll close with a quote from Sally Clarkson's blog above, "So, this Christmas, may I give Him the gift of my adoration, not because I will ever be enough, but because He is my all in all."

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The morning started with a great brunch, I tried a few new dishes which went over well - especially the scones! We then spent some time visiting with all our family, filling out our Thanksgiving tree, and making dinner. That night we ate a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and some friends  joined us for desert. We read the Thanksgiving story with the kids over the Thanksgiving week, they weren't as excited about the whole ordeal as I'd hoped, but traditions take time and possible.... some more creativity!

The end of November we said good-bye to Grandma Patti - she headed back to Oregon .She has been deeply missed - especially by me. I'm back to laundry and dishes and baking. The little reprieve was so nice! I needed a break so her visit was so perfect, I even planned a night away at a hotel for John and I. It was glorious! We can't wait for Grandma Patti to come back or possible meet her in Colorado this summer for a family reunion!

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