Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet Memories

This Christmas season has been so joyful. The boys are at wonderful ages, their questions are so delightful and their fascination with all things Christmas is so attractive. I just love watching their faces as they delight in simple pleasures like Hot Cocoa or The Polar  Express or wrapping gifts or taking candy and letters to neighbors. It is so enticing to just be in their simple little world and enjoy moments and memories.

These few weeks of December have brought us lots of fun and adventures - from baking to visiting friends to special gingerbread ornaments. We've been enjoying the season and relaxing a lot at home reading tons of Christmas books and enjoying our Jesse Tree. The kids are really getting into their little routines. Every night Gabe asks if we can read the Bible - how cute is that! We've always had Bible time before bed (short 10 minute readings from the Jesus Story Book Bible) but he is really enjoying our Adornaments and Jesse Tree reading too. I love it that the boys look forward to that every night!

John is home for the Christmas  break and I'm delighted to have him home. Our kids are enjoying having Daddy to play with and make special projects with in the garage. I love the extra help and the peacefulness of all things completed! The gifts are wrapped, cards mailed, food purchased and company is arriving. It is a great treat to just  relax each day and enjoy being together as a family.

Out little Abby is still sick, nothing new there. She threw up all over tonight but other than that she is her smiley self. I finished off my Bible Study on Spiritual Gifts a week ago, the next study will be Kay Arthur's Book study on 1 Thessalonians, beginning mid January. So in the interim I've been studying the art of prayer. I've felt compelled to work more intensely in 2011 on my prayer life so this little study is a great tool to get a plan in place.

We hope you all enjoy this Christmas season and relish in the greatest Gift ever bestowed on Mankind - God's Son, Emmanuel - God With Us.

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