Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life As Mommy – Just A “Peek” Into My Week

  • Took Abby to the Dr. again (I think we have reserved seating by now), they know our # on the caller ID, isn't that sad. Anyhow, Abby still has RSV, or got it again for the 3x this season, has an ear infection, wheezing and a cough. In the middle she threw up all over me. Nothing like wearing your kids puke for an hour show how much you love them - breathing treatment and more drugs, now we're on our way home.
  • Brief peek into my afternoon: making soup, doing laundry. boys are shooting me with nerf guns - I'm shooting them back while they fly around corners. We're listening to Christmas music, Drew's singing at the top of his lungs, Abby is wide eyed watching with a little green water gun that Drew gave her so she could play too. Oh, and somehow one of my children finished up my morning coffee because its gone and I know it was still half full! It is a good day!

  • I asked Gabe what type of cake he wanted for his birthday, he replied " A Cereal Cake!" What" I asked?" " A Life Cereal Cake Mommy!"

  • This morning Drew ran into the kitchen while I was making breakfast, he was exclaiming, "Mom, Mom I found a chrysalis in the entry way, A chrysalis, isn't that so exciting?" I thought that sounded great, until I realized it is winter and no intelligent butterfly would change during winter? Turned our Drew was holding a piece of cat poop which had fallen off the cat’s tail and dried by the front door!

  • Drew has John's feet - very smelly & sweaty! So I told him to go scrub his feet in the sink. When I went in to check on him, Drew said, "Look mom, I'm scrubbing my feet with my toothbrush and it tickles!" What is a mother to do but laugh!

  • Read a book to the boys about castles and knights - now Drew and Gabe have turned the ottoman into a castle, outfitted as knights they turned the step stool into a draw bridge, the ground is the moat and their baby sister is crawling around as the crocodile. Our afternoons are for imagination!

  • Drew and Gabe helped me unload the groceries this evening, Gabe was grumbling about carrying in a bag and I overhead Drew say, " Gabe, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Just keep saying that, it really works, plus your suppose to do all things without grumbling and complaining." Can you tell that ...Drew is the typical first born rule follower? I just love my kids!


  • It might be a sign that you have children if -- you turn on your hair straighter at 7:00 am and return again 15 hours later and the straighter is still glowing "blue" reminding you that its still on and waiting to make your hair look presentable for the day! Funny thing is that happens at least 3 mornings a week around here.

  • I told Gabe we were going to Nana's for dinner, he replied, "What are we eating?" I told Gabe pot-roast. Gabe replied back, "I like pot mommy!"

  • 4:30 and we're suppose to leave for the airport, We can't get the car to start, left the Jeep at my mom's so she could take it to work. So, John is biking, yes biking, the 1/2 mile to moms and getting the Jetta so he can jump start the car. Never dull in our house! Mom - no one stole the jeep! I hope you read this before you go to work - betcha you won't and I'll be getting a frantic call in a few hours!

  • Listening to Drew sing off key "This is the first, day of the rest of your life" from Matt Maher's song Hold Us Together. Drew only knows the end of the song and has sung it off key for the last 25 minutes to his little sister who is sitting in her bumbo chewing on a toy. I love my kids, they are Priceless!

  • Just received the biggest complement from my sweet husband, he said that I got him the best birthday tool because, "I found a tool he didn't own that neither his brothers or fathers own!" Miraculous! Tomorrow's Birthday celebrations include: 2 hours of Zip Lines and then off to a Steak House! Can't wait for an afternoon alone with my sweet husband on his 30th Birthday!!!

  • So.... I just heard a thump and a loud cry and ran into the boys bedroom to find Abby screaming because her brothers were "saving her from the alligators" and had picked her up and put her on their "boat (upside down kitchen set)" to save her life. New rule - No picking up Sissy, even when Alligators are about to eat her toes!"



These were random Facebook status' of mine that I thought were rather funny. 

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