Friday, December 24, 2010

From Our Home To Yours 2010

Christmas 2010
Life with little's is never boring; there are always unplanned adventures just waiting around corners, ready to “jump” me when I’m least expecting it. Take this Christmas letter for example; I’ve been trying to write it since Thanksgiving. Every time I sit down with my “pen” -- craziness happens! I have finally shut myself up in my office, determined to get something remotely lucid down on paper! As I sit here, my little peanut Abby, is sleeping in her car seat for the 14th night in a row, she has had RSV since the end of September. The virus seems to circulate her system about every 3 weeks! Our middle child Gabe spent the day coughing his little lungs out from the change in temperature – his asthma is flaring up badly this Fall/Winter. While getting Gabe ready for bed, he threw up his entire dinner on his yellow ducky towel, while our oldest, Drew, flew back and forth on the rope swing in his room -- totally unscathed by the mishap. After cleaning Gabe up in the bathroom, I returned to see the dog finishing off the remainder of what didn’t make it on the ducky towel. Also, we are presently without water until tomorrow afternoon, when John is home from work and can fix an underground pipe that burst during last night’s freezing temperatures. Yes, this is my life as “mommy” and I would not trade any of these crazy moments away. Life with little's is a delight; nothing goes as planned, comic relief just happens and life shoves onward as I try and measure the moments, memories, and minutes as they fly past my puked stained shoulder.

In January 2010, our joyful little Abigail Mae Williams (4 lbs, 6oz & 17 inches long) made her crashing entrance into our family unit. She was born with one unexpected push onto the hospital bed and into the smiling face of her daddy! The nurse, my sister, and doctor all ran in just seconds later. Her legendary delivery was just a foretaste of the drama that has ensued throughout her first 11 months of life. Abby spent a week in the NICU gaining weight while her mommy spent some time recovering from severely high blood pressure. Just 10 days after coming home, she contracted RSV and was rushed to Cooks Children’s hospital where she spent two weeks in the hospital, 8 of which were on a ventilator. Those moments were the scariest of our lives, yet the Lord sustained and comforted us with His Mighty hands. Abby continues to struggle this winter with re-occurring RSV, but despite her illnesses, she is the happiest baby we have ever experienced. She smiles from head to toe at the mere sight of a brother or friend. She is a bright light of loveliness in our home and we’re so blessed to have been given this precious child.

Perceptive Gabe (3) spent this year growing up, I don’t know how it happened, but he turned into a little boy. Almost overnight, at 2 ½ ,he started talking in sentences – literally he was mute for the first 2 ½ years and now he talks nonstop. I guess becoming a big brother allowed all his words to begin flowing!  Our quiet and pensive son blossomed into a big brother, who loves to care for his little sister. The night we rushed Abby to the hospital the boys had been asleep, that next morning it was Gabe who ran to her cradle in our room and asked where his sister had gone?  Gabe notices everything; nothing is lost on him. Gabe is the comic relief, taking after his Daddy! Gabe loves to make others laugh, work in the garage with Daddy and play Lego’s & trains with his older brother.

Speaking of older brother, Drew (6) our little inquirer, is turning into quite a young boy. He adores his siblings, plays with them constantly, loves to talk with adults, always has an opinion, and knows what is best in any and all situations. He is a clone of his mother and a delight to his parent. Drew is learning at home this year, his energy level is always running on full throttle, rarely does he sit still – life will not pass him by. Drew is always inventing and imagining new projects – like flying down the stairs on the cardboard Christmas tree box or making catapults that send baby toys flying across the living room. His love for life keep us all on our toes, you never know what grand plan Drew will come up with next!

John and I will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary this January, we’re madly in love and can’t imagine life any different than it is right now. We spent 2010 delighting in our family and delighting in God’s daily presence in our lives. We can both say that 2010 was the year we grew more disciplined in our faith and content with life’s unplanned circumstances. God’s greatest gift to this world came as an Infant. God continues to send large lessons of faith in small crying packages to our family each and every day, These packages mold and shape our very being into the image of Christ. We encourage you this Christmas season to enjoy every moment that comes your way – good and bad – the lessons learned are immeasurable and life changing when yielding to the plans of our Lord Jesus.  Merry Christmas!

With much love from our home,   John, Melissa, Drew, Gabe, & Abby                    

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