Friday, November 19, 2010

Inscriptions For Gabe

My Son.

Today, Gabe, is the long anticipated day. Today you are 3! This is the first birthday you've been able to anticipate. You've been counting down the days for weeks and I'm so thrilled that this  day is finally here and we can celebrate! You picked a special breakfast and are looking forward to our Mommy Date for lunch. I believe How To Train Your Dragon is planned for this evenings Movie Night!

Gabe, you are such a joy and I count it a privilege to be your mommy. From the first  day I held you in my arm I knew you would be a delight to raise. Your two's just flew by and though we had a few months of temper tantrums and "No's", the majority of your life you have been so easy to shepherd! I can't believe how quickly you catch on to things. At  2 1/2  you practically potty trained yourself. In our mornings together you've already learned all your colors and numbers to 12. It wasn't intentional learning, you just spent a lot of time watching and listening and caught on all by yourself. Then you insisted on doing "School" just like brother. Your cutest phrase right now is, " Mommy, that makes me frust r ated!" or "Mommy, I TiToed (tiptoed)." You weren't much of a talker until August of this year, then you started talking in full sentences and haven't stopped - unless your interrupted by Drew which happens fairly frequently! Gabe, you love to learn new things, you follow Drew's every move and want to be just like him. You love sharing a big boy room with your brother and your train track building skills are incredible. I love to watch those wheels turn as you design a train track or build a castle out of blocks.

I love how compassionate and loving you are to others, especially your siblings. Your best friend is your brother Drew and you constantly play together. I love listening to you both dialog in the mornings when your playing in your room waiting for the 8:00 wake up. You both have such great ideas and I enjoy listening to you both discuss how your going to get all your trains to run on the track, or how your going to attach this track over there. What a delight as a mom to watch my boys become best friends! When I drop you at preschool in the mornings you always give Drew a huge kiss and hug, Drew always comments on the way home how much he is going to miss you. I love that!

Your sister follows your every move. She adores you Gabe! I know you will be wonderful friends too! When Abby came home from the hospital you never let her out of your sight. Your the one who brings her toys and comforts her if I'm out of the room. Do you remember when you and Drew were playing shark and using the kitchen set as a boat? You were the one who convinced Drew that Abby need to get on the "boat" so her toes didn't get eaten. There is just so much to love about you little man!

If I had to pick one quality I appreciate the most about you it would be your sense of humor. I love how often you make me giggle! You love to tell me, "I will mommy... I will... I will!" and it always makes me laugh out loud! You are always smiling and giggling - capturing the attention of others and bringing them into your joyful boyhood.You love to tell me little jokes and tease me when I'm not expecting it.

I know that God has such amazing plans for your life and I'm privileged to me your mom. I can't believe you are 3 already! I remember staying up with you that first night snuggling and kissing you and whispering prayers of salvation into your ear. Where has the time gone, your now growing into such a beautifully spirited little boy with likes and dislikes, an obedient heart, and a sense of humor that will engage anyone.  Your insights and imagination are uninhibited - always abounding with new ideas and plans - I think you get that from your brother! I love being your mommy! I loved taking you out today and having a mommy date! You weren't quite sure how to handle being all by yourself, I loved how you opened doors for me and tried to hold my hand when crossing the street - dragging me across the street when you saw a car coming 60 feet away! 

I am truly blessed!

He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth, Luke 1:14 NIV

Love, Mommy

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