Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings 2010

Blessed Beyond Measure!

"Yours, O LORD, is the greatness  and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Yours is the dominion, O LORD, and You exalt  Yourself as head  over all. "Both riches and honor come from You, and You rule over all, and in Your hand is power and might; and it lies in Your hand to make great and to strengthen everyone.”

v Family – The Lord has blessed us with an amazingly  close and cohesive family that loves the Lord and is always seeking the throne of our Father. Hard times have come (are are yet to come), but our family has only grown and matured in faith. I can say now that I've thankful for those hard times which have laid a solid foundation for our family bto build upon.

v Our Abby – Lord you have blessed us with the health of our little girl, there were days when I sat in that room just staring at all the machines and wondered if we would be  taking our little girl home with us. You provided comfort beyond understanding and wisdom that brought us closer to You. I’m blessed to have three wonderful children and the experience of almost losing one of them has made me more aware each day how short this time on earth is. We’re attempting to make the most of each day, appreciating the small and ordinary - striving for holiness and those things of kingdom worth.

v Disciplines – I’m so thankful that the Lord has heard my cries and pushed me towards a life of discipline. There is nothing better than watching the sun rise reading God’s word after a wonderful workout. Two years ago that idea would have seemed impossible, but then again the Lord is faithful to remind me that “All things are possible with God!” Though I've not arrived by any means, those steps in mastering my flesh seem just a bit easier thanks to the disciplines I've been working on this year.

v Boisterous Boys – My little men are the delight of my day, they keep me on my toes, always answering questions and being reminded that I have 4 little eyes, 20 little fingers, 4 little ears and two beating hearts watching my every move! These little men will someday grow into Kingdom men who shape and mold culture. I am  blessed to be their mommy, to hear their running and jumping feet and listen to their many adventures. How blessed I am to shepherd their hearts upward to our Lord and to be encouraged by their child like faith.

v School – Though our schooling isn’t traditional -- it is, at times, interrupting and overwhelming. I am thankful for the challenge that keeps me focus on the main thing -- their hearts. The main thing this year has been character, its been a challenging semester of struggles and successes. It has been a blessing to study my little boys learning styles, gear lessons towards their minds that captivate their interests. I’ve been blessed this year to see a love for learning developed in my children and hearts-- willing and ready to listen and learn. Though our lessons aren’t traditional, normally short while little boys wiggle, jump, do hand stands, and ask tons of questions, it has been a life altering decision that has brought about lots of practice in patience and joyfulness. I’m thoroughly blessed to say that the practice of patience and controlling my anger and tongue produces a much better mommy. I’ve asked for a lot of forgiveness these past months, but I do know my children have seen a difference in me for the better! The daily challenge of all that is on my plate has resulted a longer fuse and a delight in the ordinary days of life. I am so thankful for this opportunity to daily practice and put into action the lessons from His Word.

v Friendships – I can’t believe the Lord has brought about such closeness in my boys. I am thankful for this precious gift, I’d prayed while pregnant with  Gabe that the boys would love each other and be the best of friends. This year of schooling at home has developed a friendship between the boys that I never dreamed would be possible. They genuinely love and care for the other. I am blessed to call them my sons! Then also have a deep love and concern for their little sister which is so precious and sweet. The boys are constantly looking out for Abby - whether it be what is is putting in her mouth or entertaining her with their many antics. Abby is a blessed little girl to have such amazingly protective big brothers!

v Marriage- I remember the feeling of not having a boyfriend while in High School, I am so thankful that the Lord saved me much heart ache and  loss. My one and only man John has been my soul mate for some 13 years. I wasn’t expecting such a man to come across my path and sweep me off my feet! I am a blessed woman to have only dated one man and am able to  call him my husband of almost 8 years. I love him dearly, there is no one so generous and kind and selfless as my John.

v Teaching – My sweet man, after almost a decade of wondering what plans God has for his long term career, was blessed with a job from the Lord. The scenario only  the Lord could orchestrate, it was the perfect job, perfect timing, perfect salary, perfectly ordained by our Lord to bring Himself glory. John had always thought that he wanted to teach math or science, but since jobs were so scarce last year he took whatever he could get. That job happened to be a special education aid job, which turned into a special education teaching position. This year John has confirmed that these kids are exactly where God wants him to minister. John loves working as a special education teacher and I’m so thankful that God’s big plan for that aspect of John’s life has finally  been revealed. I'm anxious to see where this new path may lead us.

v Appliances – I love my new appliances and being without a washer/dryer/dishwasher for over a month proved how very blessed I am!

v Love of Family – I just love my family, the dynamic is so fun and the way we all interact is a blessing.

v Date Nights – I am so thankful that John’s mother was able to come and stay with us these past few weeks. I was able to refresh, relax a little, get out of the house a lot more, spend some time alone with each of the kids. I am especially thankful for a night away with my sweet husband in a hotel! We both received a much needed investment into our marriage and it  was a great opportunity to talk about our future goals for 2011.

Thank you Lord for all your mighty gifts, though  our lives certainly aren’t perfect, its a great reminder to me that our Life is just where you want it – just perfect for maturing in our faith, increasing in love, and hope!

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