Sunday, November 7, 2010

October In Review

We were so busy in October with school, trips, sickness, Birthday's galore and a new nephew; I didn't have any time for blogging. So here is a little recap!

The end of October my new LG appliances arrived! I was so excited to finally stop transporting all my clothes to my mothers or friends houses! Also the hand washing of dishes was awful - I'm so thankful for whoever invented the dishwasher!!!

Abby spent them month of October terrible sick - though you wouldn't know it from her appearance. I took Abby in to the doctor the beginning of October for what I thought was a UTI  the Holy Spirit just nudged me to call and see if any appointments were available since I was leaving for OKC to help my sister with the delivery of my nephew and didn't want to leave John with a sick child. Anyhow, Abby was diagnosed with a UTI, RSV, an ear infection and possible a kidney infection or stomach virus. She looked wonderful so I was shocked! Needless to say since RSV is highly contagious I didn't get to see my nephew being born and photograph the big day. Abby spent the next month recovering and on antibiotics. The UTI was a very resistant strain and we ended up at a specialist. Abby is presently on myralax to help her get a little more regular and not as constipated. Abby weighed in around 18.6 pounds in October and gained her first teeth - the bottom front. Abby also learned to crawl or scoot around the house. Her stomach is so large that she can't get up  on her knees, so she just army crawls around.

 Gabe spent his October going to preschool and copying everything his big brother does. He has had  a little asthma flair up, but nothing like last year. Gabe's big accomplishment was putting on his own underwear and counting to 10. It is so funny how quickly Gabe is growing up, he just has to do everything his older brother does. In circle time Gabe must write on the white board just like Drew, or count to 10 in Spanish just like Drew or count by 10's just like Drew. My little man is growing up and I'm a little sad. Gabe is talking non stop about things, he loves to get checks for good character. Gabe reacts so well to rewards, he potty trained himself just so he could get M&M's!

Drew spent his October learning! We had a lot of fun reading tons of new books that I ordered like the Magic Tree House and Paperboy. Drew loves to be read to so  I've been focusing on that aspect instead of reading sentences. Drew is really good at spelling words aloud, I think the idea of all those words on a page shuts him down. When we focus on just one word then he is willing to try and is quite proud of himself when he spells the word correctly/ Drew We did a rock unit thanks to my Auntie  Beth which then moved us onto Volcano's. It is so interesting to observe how Drew learns and grows. Most of his day involves just playing, we only spent 2-3 20 minute sections on sitting down copying words or reading aloud or memorizing things. We're not a structured as I had anticipated but I'm learning that structure in short 20 minute intervals is productive but anything over that just ends in frustrations. It has been a really fun few months, Drew and I have both learned a lot!

Mommy & Abby went to Oregon for a visit with family and friends. It was a wonderful break from everyday routine and it was so nice to introduce Abby to John's side of the family.  I saw my friend Bethany and Melody while there and touch based with  my old friend Amy from High School.

I uploaded all of October's pictures on our photo blog so hop on over and see all that we've been doing!

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