Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gabe's Own Special Day

In our  family you own the day you were born - at least when your little! So for Gabe's 3rd Birthday he was treated to pretty much whatever he wanted - no chores, no bed time, no sharing toys or eating your veggie's! The morning began with waffles and whip cream with Good Morning Tea. The waffles were decked out with a special train on top. Then we headed out on a Mommy date for lunch, Gabe picked McDonald's and had a happy meal! Gabe wasn't sure what to do with just Mommy! When we came home Gabe opened his Birthday gifts! Mrs. Kelly gave Gabe a set up dirty puppies which he has been carrying around constantly!That evening after dinner Gabe and Drew had a movie night and watched How to Train Your Dragon in their PJ's while  eating popcorn, M&M's, and juice. Gabe opened his final present which was a fun dragon figurine that he has been flying all over the house. How special to have a day all your own!

 Then we went and picked out a special Birthday Gift just for Gabe, he picked out a plane and navy aircraft carrier. Gabe and Drew had endless hours of fun playing around the house with it! Then we  returned home for a special dinner!  Daddy took Gabe out the next morning for doughnuts and a trip to Cabella's where Gabe picked out a new flashlight (evidently he wanted one of his own for our next camping trip!)

On Saturday Gabe had a family/friend party at the house and thanks to Grandma Patti, we all ate yummy lasagna and salad! Mrs Nicole made Gabe a special Train cake which tasted as good as it looked!

I  can't believe my baby is 3, he is growing into such a funny and diligent little boy. I am a very lucky mommy to have been blessed with you Gabers!

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