Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prayer Please

Please be in prayer for our family this week. It has been a very long and trying week filled with lots of poop, sickness, vomiting, business, exhaustion and broken things. As I was praying for wisdom and a renewed spirit the Lord reminded me of last year at this time. It all came back like a flood - Makeover Time in our home is a battle. Yes if I ever doubted spiritual warfare it was all made real to me last year. Last year, before the Makeover,  I was having tons of contractions and  John was unable to walk. Just the day before the Makeover I went into premature labor and John pulled a muscle in his back and couldn't stand. It was terrible, but the Lord reminded me then that I was in a battle! After a lot of prayer. my contractions stopped and miraculously John went on Friday to the makeover unsure if he would be able to help, then the Lord healed him! John  was able to stay the whole two days and enjoyed the blessing of working in community.

This year we're in the thick of it, just a new tactic from the enemy. This week I'm exhausted. I am physically and mentally spent - I can't seem to focus on anything.. John has been working the the garage on projects for weeks, so I'm been trying to hold down life alone. It all came to a head today when Abby was disgnosed with RSV just an hour before I was to drive to OKC to see the birth of my first nephew. Other things happened this week too, like:
  • washing machine broke three weeks ago
  • dishwasher broke today ... of all days!
  • Abby was disgnosed with RSV, vomited all over me 4 times, is tired and cranky, has a diaper rash that resembles a stop sign! I can't go visit my sister since I don't want to get them sick. RSV is very contagious especially in babies. Abby has an ear infection too which will clear up with antibiotics but she can't keep them down.
  • Work is crazy and many things are going on that are keeping me up late.
  • Gabe just got over being sick, in total I cleaned up poop  6 times in two days because he had diarrhea so bad he couldn't make it to the restroom and his diapers exploded.
  • The dog got sick, pooped all over the floor in the  boys room 2x and I spent 4 hours cleaning up the mess and the carpet is now ruined/ Poor dog was locked in one night and couldn't get out to tell us she had to go.
  • My sister had her baby which is a huge blessing, but I'm really sad to have missed the big event and desperately wanted to be there for my sister.
  • I'm behind at work and can't seem to catch up!
  • House is a mess - laundry and dishes all over!
  • I'm tired and want to be left alone with a good book and silence for at least a day!
  • Did I mention my baby is sick with RSV and I'm terrified that she will get a lung infection and end up in the hospital?   Yes please pray for me to not be anxious!

So, please pray for us this week. The Makeover is on Friday and Saturday. I'm still looking for a sitter since my mom will be in OKC this weekend visiting my sister. I'm suppose to be  cleaning up before the family comes home so I can't miss it! Pray I find someone and that we would not get discouraged - the end is near!

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