Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Schooling at Home Character Checkup

Just a quick pop in to say that the honorable character chart and reward system is working  better than I could have ever imagined. Drew is working so hard on character, which is "Doing right when no one, but God, is looking." Gabe is also working so hard on self control and has been dry for days, his little tantrums are down to a minimum and he sat nicely today for the barber! I love focusing on the positive and redirecting back to the positive when all kinds of bad attitudes begin to flair up. Today John caught Drew teaching  Gabe how to put on his own clothes, then helped him succeed when Gabe said he couldn't do it.  I also found Gabe giving his brother hugs and sharing a book with his sister when she was fussing. Drew had a wonderful report from his Texas History teacher, she said he sat better then some of the older kids -  which for Drew  is HUGE! He has been working so hard on focusing and being still since we started school last week. We only have a few short periods in the morning when he has to sit and practice, since he is only 5 and has tons of energy and learns by engaging not lecture,  but those times are paying deep rewards!

Today we learned sequencing - Drew and Gabe made homemade pizza for dinner. They worked on directions, using sequencing words like, first, second, next, finally.... Both did a wonderful job and loved the responsibility of making us all dinner! We are still working on Apples this week, we've planted apple seeds in dixy cups, written apple poems, and read Johnnie Appleseed many times. I also found the 1947 Disney film of Johnnie Appleseed which was a huge incentive to get school work completed yesterday.

Off to bed, mornings come early around here!

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