Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home Learning

We've  been learning a lot these days - or should I say Mommy has been learning a lot! We had a great week learning about Johnnie Appleseed and working on character. The character chart and rewards is working wonderfully! I just loved all the "yes momma's" this week,  we're going to  work extensively on cooperation next week - since there were still a lot of arguments between brothers that brought out some selfish hearts. Overall it was  a good week of staying disciplined and working through challenges.

Our new revised schedule will  be morning circle time for about an hour, which covers: counting, months, continents/oceans, prayer, calendar, learning a new song each week, a new verse of the week, letters, character focus, and lots of jumping and running around to silly music! Then before lunch I'll sit the boys down for some fun reading time where we all take turns picking the books we want read. After lunch Drew works on his lap-book projects and does some copy-work. Overall we spent about 2-3 hours on school, I'm forgoing reading right now since Drew is really resisting it and not paying much attention. It will come when he is ready and he just isn't quite there yet. We've been using the computer for some phonics fun in the afternoon as a reward for a job well done - Drew loves it! I was so proud of Drew, he got a glowing  report from his Texas History teacher who said he sat and listened so well, was polite, and stayed focused on the project they completed. That is huge for Drew since he is in the  class with 7 other children who are all older that him.

I was so encouraged that I kept myself disciplined last week - gym and bible time in the mornings. Those 5 am wake-ups (MWF) must have caught up with me because I slept most of Saturday away. It felt great to sleep and sleep and sleep! John managed all the kids and was so sweet about it!  I added a weight routine to my morning two weeks ago and my body has felt great, but I've been really tired. So, Saturday was my labor day - it even went into Sunday with a nap after church! I'm feeling much  better and even managed to get the bathrooms cleaned tonight and laundry half way completed. I was quite surprised to hop on the scale Friday morning and see that I'd dropped 4 pounds in  two weeks. I'd been stalled for the last month and couldn't get over that hump, so with the addition of some weights and being careful about how much sugar I ate, it seems to have paid off.

Well on to week #3 - we'll be working on the lap-book Blueberries for Sal and finishing up Johnnie Appleseed!

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