Friday, September 10, 2010

Generous Giving

Here is a sweet story from Wednesday that I hope will encourage all to participate in some way - big or small - in the Northwood Home Makeover coming up October 8-9. Drew's character quality for this week is generosity and his Bible verse is "Even a child is known by their deeds." So while we were talking about generosity Drew asked if he could take all the change in his piggy bank and give it to someone poor. Drew immediately ran upstairs and wanted to count it all. I was a little smarter than him on this one and found that coin star will take change and waive the fee if you have over 40.00 and buy a gift card. So I asked Drew if we could support the Home Makeover with all his change and he thought it was a great idea. We headed down to the coin star machine, feeding on his excitement,  and had 69.97 in change, which he converted into a Lowe's gift card for the Makeover. Drew was so excited! I rewarded his generosity with a  trip to Starbucks for a special treat, where he proceeded to share with the barista about how he was able to give all his change to the Home Makeover! 
Additional Information can me found at:
That began a great conversation ending in an invite to participate in the Makeover and an invite to church - 
"Even a Child is known by their deeds."

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