Wednesday, September 29, 2010


While driving home from dropping Gabe off at school Drew and I had the following conversation -

Drew: "Mommy, I have a word for you!"
Mommy: "You do, what is it?"
Drew: "Do all things without grumbling or complaining."
Mommy: "Thank you Drew, that is a good word, does that word have power?" * I've been trying to feed of his love for having "powers" and correlating that to God's word being powerful when we speak it.

Drew: "Yes, it came from the Bible so it has power."
Mommy: "Do you know what the Bible says about God's word?"
Drew, "Yes, but I can't remember."
Mommy: "God says his words in the Bible have great power and are sharper than a double edged sword, His word has power when we speak it and will never return without impact."
Drew: "I remember now, so....(after thinking a few seconds) is it powerful enough to even chop your head off!"

I couldn't stop laughing! Children are priceless!

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