Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catechism Kids (With a Few Distractions)

Drew has successfully, for the most part, completed his first set of catechisms. We've worked on these through the summer and into the first few weeks of school. The video is a little long, but shows great 5 year old knowledge about God and  His word. Gabe too is learning and his video is below too - he is working on the first 4 catechisms.

Catechism, a Greek word Katacheo, simply means “instructed” (Luke 1:4). Catechism (pronounced: katakism) is a question and answer type method of instruction type teaching in basic Christian doctrines. This method of question and answer creates a framework for  interacting with the Bible and helps me as a mom to bring everyday life activity back to God's holy word. This type of learning will assist in developing a childs basic understanding of God, prayer, obedience (10 commandments) sin, salvation, prayer, the Bible, the church, and heaven and hell; each answer in the catechism is supported by a scripture references. I've been learning along with Drew this past year, my own understanding of basic Christian doctrine is not as mature as I would like it to be. Plus often Drew will ask me questions, like "where is God? or Does God see everything I do?" and I'm able to bring it  back to his catechisms and reinforce with examples what he has already memorized.

To get the whole list of basic children catechism's go here. Or if you want to use a great resource that has stories associated with the catechism and teaches the children great character traits, order the book "Big Truths for Little Kids" by Susan Hunt which we have used and loved over the past few years.Her other book "My ABC Bible Verses" is also a wonderful resourche which we are using in conjuction with the Catechism's.

Drew's video was so long I had to post it on a Free sight which will show advertisements before you can view. Sorry! Click "close  to play" after selecting the "Play All button"

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