Tuesday, September 13, 2011

.11 Cent Lesson on Mercy (From The Archives)

A Cricket, A Lesson, & 11 cents - Originally Posted 9/25/2010 - I was re-reading last years post and remembered how much I loved this lesson! To this day when we talk about grace, Drew always reminds me of our .11 cent cricket!

Today as a  family we cleaned out our frog tank, we do that every time we buy a new round of crickets for the frogs to devour. For those who haven't visited, we have three frogs; their names are: Riley, Wilbur, and Rosco. They are Fire Belly Toads and they love to eat crickets. We usually buy them 15-20 crickets every few weeks - they are very inexpensive, just .11 cents a cricket. Our frogs can go up to two weeks without eating, so its fun to add a new batch of crickets because we sit and watch them hunt down their prey for endless hours of fun. What wonderful lessons we're teaching on the life cycle ... right?  Toads are quite fun to have around, they sing, interact with each other and eat tons of crickets for our viewing pleasure! At night the crickets all get together and sing so the frogs won't know where the crickets are at. It sounds like we live in a camp ground some evenings!

So as we were watching the frogs to eat the new crickets this afternoon,  Drew noticed a cricket that was missing a leg. John made some funny remarks about  calling PETA and having them come pick it up. Drew asked if we could save the little cricket since he  was weak and couldn't hop like the others.

I looked at Drew and said, "You know Drew, that is a very compassionate idea. You want to show that cricket mercy. Do you know what Mercy is?"

Drew asked if it was like grace (unmerited favor) - yep, bingo!
 So daddy, taking advantage of this teachable moment,  scooped the small, .11 cent crippled cricket and the boys went outside and let him go free in our garden.

When  they returned I asked Drew,
"What did that cricket do to deserve your grace?"
Drew replied, "Well, nothing?"
I asked, "Why did you pick that one cricket over the others?"
Drew said, "I felt sorry for the cricket because he was broken."
I asked,  "Drew who do  you think showed us mercy because we are broken? Who shows us undeserved favor and was compelled to save us from death?"

Drew looked over at me and said, "God?"

"Yes Drew, just like you showed that cricket mercy; so God offers to everyone mercy, through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ.  We only must choose to jump into His hand and live with our Savior the rest of our life."

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead."   
~ I Peter 1:3~

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