Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Week of Wonder

I survived week #1 of homeschooling. It was a lot of work and fun. I learned a lot, hopefully the kids learned  a lot too. We tweaked out circle time a little, worked a lot on character, a short weekly  memory verse, some catechism's, and read a lot of books. I was sad that we didn't read as many books as I'd have liked, between Abby fussying and Gabe not wanting to sit still or read the book we'd picked it always seemed to end in turmoil. So we're going to move reading time to the front of the circle time agenda and see what that does. This week our unit was Bubbles, we learned all about them and made three recipe's. Then tested them all to see which ones made bigger, stronger, and more colorful bubbles. It was a fun topic for the first week, now we're off and running with Apples! We also hit the park for a fun nature walk and tree climbing expedition.

Drew  enjoyed all the fun learning this week. He wanted to consume everything and wouldn't stop for a minute. I put in a 60 minute rest time in the afternoon for reading books quietly - I thought he would have loved the stuffed pillows, mini fort, soft music and tons of books, but reading wasn't  what he wanted to do. I hope it gets  better next week. I  was hoping to use this time to do some reading myself, I have three books on my list to finish and can't seem to pick even one of them up for more than 5 minutes.

The boys were less that wonderful, we had a lot of  character issues, unkind words, fighting, and obedience struggles. I think they are coming down off that plateau and working through new ideas, new skills and a new routine. So, this week we're implementing a positive character chart with rewards and encouragement. I admit I focused a lot on what was wrong last week, so this week I'm determined to focus on all the good.

Gabe is growing up and going through some stuff. He has been acting moody and winy. He has discovered he has an opinion and wants us all to agree with him. That is a great thing for Gabe since he is very much a follower, but sometime we're just not going to "throw sand all over the backyard," or "give you juice for dinner." In those moments he has been throwing huge fits! He also discovered that he has power, over his big brother especially. Gabe will take things from Drew and then not give them back.  On a positive note, Gabe loved circle time, he loved the running and singing and counting fun. He also loved the bubbles!

I am struggling with the fact that my children are in progress, as my mother so kindly said about her new 1st grade class. I can't and shouldn't expect perfection or even close. I need to expect these disruptions in my  day and use them to build their character and point them to the Lord. So our schedule is being revamped, we're going to do a little less and work more positively on character this week. We're also going to take a trip to the Apple Orchard - assuming they don't sell out! Pray for us this week - pray that I have patience and joy in my step as I lead my  children along this homeschooling journey.

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