Monday, August 16, 2010

Radical Love

This summer God has been convicting me of so many things in my life and has called me to become more intentional in my faith . It started back in the Fall when I took a Bible study on Covenant by Kay Arthur - by far the best study I've ever taken. It was a life changing study that dug deep into my soul and revealed the great lengths the Lord went to save a crazy sinful person - me. It also convicted me of my weak commitment to my Lord and Savior.

In our culture today we don't comprehend what a covenant is, but in the old testimony times it had power and Jews knew that a covenant was a legally binding contract - terminated only upon someones death. So, in essence when I became a christian in high school, I physically put on the robe of my Father and became just like Him. My commitment  with the Lord is eternal - since Christ's death and resurrection -  covenant goes beyond my physical death. Since God is perfect, he can never break the covenant  with me (salvation), but I, in my flesh, can break  that covenant with Him through perpetual sin and passivity in my life.This breaking of the covenant distances myself from intimacy with God.  A radical love calls for a radical response. Being a Christian is an action word - it isn't just something you say, it isn't going to church or being a "good person." Being a christian is putting on Christ, becoming a bond-servant to the Living God and serving him in humble and passionate ways. It is actually living out Matthew 16:24-15
Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

What I've been pondering all summer is, "how do I deal with this verse?" It truly is black and white - respond or don't respond. If I live by faith I'll deny myself and  take up the cross of Christ  and follow Jesus' example. Jesus was the perfect example: he died the worst death known to man, then proved His deity by rising from the grave, then left His whole being in the form of the Holy Spirit to live within believers. What more could he possible do to show us His love? Nothing..... There is Nothing.....

What is my response going to be, not just today in how I talk to my children, or treat my spouse. It is the question of what does a radical faith look like within me and how does my entire life change because of this? The Holy Spirit is powerful, I'm just so selfish and centered in on my little world or bubble that I don't see outside - outside the eyes of my flesh and into the eternal.

I'm wrestling, wrestling with how I'm going to change my life, my marriage, my finances, my lifestyle and turn them into God's life, God's marriage, God's finances, and God's lifestyle. A radical love calls for a radical response.

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