Monday, August 30, 2010

New Start: Honorable Character

This week is going to be new - different - we're learning from last week and moving forward, The ugly attitudes and trials from last week were overshadowed by the learning, the fun, the smiles, the giggles, the books read, the time shared... imperfectly together. There is newness in our week forthcoming. I shared with Drew last night that regardless of last week's problems, or even 30 minutes ago, right now we're praying for God's blessing upon this school week - a new start, a new beginning. We're taking what we gleaned from last week and this morning is going to be full of God's mercies. We learned that if hearts, mommy's and the kids, aren't in line with the Lord then we're walking in our own flesh. Our character is being built - one day, one dilemma, one choice at a time.

We're now working on character as our primary goal. As a mother I set the tone for my children. if they eve sense a hint of frustration or business on my part both kiddo's take that as a sign to act out. So this week I'm working on finding the positive, lifting up the praises and encouraging with my words. The chart  to the left I found at Teachmart (thanks mom) and it will help me remember what I'm trying to instill in my kids. A huge part of schooling at home is so I can spend time molding and working on who God wants my children to be. Drew is excited to see a reward system - for each check mark he receives 10 points, extra points can also be earned for extra chores around the house like cleaning the bathroom, moping the floor, etc. Then at the end of each week he takes all his points and can buy various rewards. Here is what we came up with as a family:

          • Donuts with Daddy 300 Points
          • Family Fun Friday  400 Points
          • Field Trip Fun  350 Points
          • Daddy/Mommy Date Night  500 Points
          • New Lego Kit 400 Points
          • Playdate with a friend 300 Points
          • Movie Theater 550 Points
For Gabe, he gets check marks for good character, if he gets 3 or more per day  he can watch a 30 minute show (short term reward) and if he  gets 3 or more for 5  days in a row he gets to go our with Daddy for donuts - his favorite all time favorite thing to do!

We tested it out on Sunday and it worked brilliantly. The character card remind me what I'm looking for in my kids and the boys are also learning what each of the characteristics mean and what I want to see. Drew especially took off with it and was wonderful! Such a change from the week before!

Please pray for our journey this week as we study Apples and read Johnnie Appleseed. We have lots of fun learning planned!

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