Monday, August 16, 2010

Hidden In My Heart

For those who want to contribute to a great cause (1 out of 10 CD's sold will be sent to a Crisis Pregnancy Center)  and hide God's word in your children's heart, check out this awesome CD! The link is:

My kids loved the short Demo and FREE downloaded song  I've been playing for them, so I purchased the whole CD for them to fall asleep to at night. Enjoy!

Taken from Hidden In Your Heart Website:

To our knowledge, no one has ever combined Scriptures with lullabies.  Surely moms and dads have sung Scripture over their children, but never has it been formally compiled into a christian music CD.  The Word of God is so powerful, especially in a form where it can easily be absorbed.  That’s why we feel “Hidden In My Heart” can have such a profound impact on your children and even…. you!
The vision for this recording is one that has taken years to come about as so much has gone into the process of getting it just right.  It began when Jay Stocker, the writer and producer along with his wife, Trina spent countless days and hours pouring over hundreds of Scriptures in an effort to find the ones that could most easily be transformed into christian lullabies.  Dozens of Scriptures were selected as rough melodies formed.  The list was narrowed down until we felt we had selected Scriptures and songs that would encourage, uplift and inspire confidence in each listener.
After finalizing the lullaby list, every effort was made to create a soothing landscape of sound by which listeners, young and old, could find peace and comfort.  It was also important that the music be inspiring to the listener – something peaceful, yet very moving.  As the project progressed, many of the songs took on a very Cinematic character while retaining a serene quality – the perfect balance.
We at BreakAway Music are so proud to introduce this CD to you.  We believe the spoken or sung word of our Living God is so powerful.  It will have effects you never thought possible, and we pray that you and your children will be richly blessed by this recording!
Click here to listen to Hidden in My Heart

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