Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finally Frugal Again

Finally, I'm getting back in the groove of couponing and being frugal. My energy is finally returning and after a 9 month sabbatical, I'm excited to get back in the motions of clipping and scowering the ads for deals. I think having a baby who will sleep 12 hours in a  row has helped with my change in motivation. I've also tried to stay away from watching TV in the evening, instead pick up a book, clip some coupons, edit a few pictures, write a few thoughts down on paper, etc. I also grabbed the book "Once A Month Cooking" at Barnes & Noble (online) for 1.99 and am inspired to get cooking! This will be a huge help when we begin homeschooling in a few weeks; having all my meals cooked for the evening will be a wonderful time saver. I just have some projects to finish up before summer is over, then we're on to Fall. Our homeschooling room is almost ready, our "circle time (name soon to be changed once I come up with something creative)" has been planned, the school supplies are here, and Fall is coming. I am most excited about the leaves falling, the weather cooling down from 106 and the evenings getting dark sooner. I just can't wait, Fall is my favorite season! It is my season to organize, turn on the peaceful music, journal, & teach without so many summer interruptions.What makes this Fall even more excited is that I missed it all last Fall since I was pregnant and not feeling well at all.

Today our Barnes & Noble books  came,  there were so many great books I ordered. The kids and I spent the afternoon engrossed in books! I love it! A few added titles include: Mouse Paint, Mr. Rabbit & The Lovely Present, The Gardener, Williams Doll, & Over and Over. Charlotte Zolotow is my new found favorite children's author, I just loved the story Over and Over. It reminded me of when I was little and couldn't wait for the next season or holiday or change in weather.

I best get back to finishing my summer projects now that the kids are in bed!

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