Friday, August 6, 2010

Faith In Action

The beginning of July, I was struggling to get the bills paid without going into savings. We had 4 major expenses coming up and John and I had been praying over how we were going to pay them all without dipping into our savings account. There was a trip to Oregon John really wanted to do, our Jetta needed 600.00 worth of work, the tuition for Drew's school needed to be paid and our fridge stopped working one morning. We had money in savings, but we have been working on saving 3 months living expenses for over a year. I naively thought that not having debt meant that we would just soar through our savings goal! Part of our plans for the summer included John bringing home some income from his side business. This was going to cover Drew's tuition for the next year, since the monthly amount did not fit with our monthly budget. With only a month left before John headed back to work, we were making very little progress towards paying for the added expenses and tuition. 

Shortly after our financial meeting in July, John came into the office and said God had prompted him, in the shower that morning,  to take money out of savings to give to a woman in need. Her car was going to break down and she would need money for rent. I asked him if he knew this woman and John remarked, "Nope, God will just send me her way." What faith that man of mind has! My flesh wanted to be discouraging by reminded him of our situation, but I instantly knew this was from God and it was a great opportunity to follow and encourage my husband. Instead, I prayed a little prayer, told John that God's voice was always to be obeyed and I'd love to encourage him to act in faith. He smiled at me and promised that he wouldn't empty out all of our savings account! When John left, I was reminded that our purpose in becoming debt free was to be able to give freely whenever the Lord asked, not being chained down to debt would open more doors to say "yes" and this was just one of many times I hoped God would ask us to give. 
John left that morning for a client's house and along the way stopped at the bank and took out a large portion of our savings. I tried to pray for John throughout the day; wishing him success, yet part of me wished it was just a test of obedience and he would return with the cash in his pocket - God has lots of work to do in my heart! As I was praying the Lord began prompting my heart to look over our major expenses coming up - to re-evaluate and re-consider. God began to bring back up the closed door I had shut on homeschooling Drew this upcoming year. In March when we decided to send Drew to a private Kindergarten I was still adjusting to having our little preemie at home, she wasn't sleeping well and life was very unpredictable. I wasn't in a place mentally to think about the Fall. Now that I was in a better place, the Lord began to prompt my heart to reconsider homeschooling this year. I wasn't thrilled with the idea, I have always enjoyed teaching the kids at home in small increments, but to officially take that plunge and home school – that is scary business! 

John called around 2:00 pm that afternoon and was so discouraged that he hadn't met the woman with car trouble. John's voice was so downcast, I began to pray in earnest that God would intervene. An hour later John returned home, he had the biggest smile on his face. He then shared that while getting gas on his way home he found the lady with car problems. Her old car had overheated and she was stranded at the gas station. John immediately went to work getting her car back up and running, he added coolant to the car, checked and added oil, filled her car with gas, and as he was saying goodbye have her the envelope with the money. John told her he had been waiting to meet her all day, God had sent him to fix her car and help with her rent. The woman, very shocked began to cry and couldn't believe what she was hearing. John invited her to church and headed home. What happened to the woman – only the Lord knows. 

In our home, we re-evaluated some things, the fridge was fixed with a 200.00 part, we did fork over the funds to get John's car maintained and the money for Oregon. As for tuition, we'll be taking the scary plunge of homeschooling Drew (Gaber's too since he wants to be just like big brother) this Fall. 

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

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