Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dog Days Of Summer

It is still heating up around here - I'm so excited for Fall! This week we're spending the last few days of this Summer relaxing and enjoying the freedom of summer. I'll be filling the freezer this week with tons of meals so our first few  weeks of Homeschooling will hopefully go smoother. I am trying out a "Month of Meals" and baking tons of muffins, cookies, casseroles, & smoothie packets. I was able to snag some great deals at Kroger this week so my stockpiles are looking tons better.

We're also at home working on some routines, consistence, and logical consequences for bad behavior. John went to see Kevin Leman at our church last night and we chatted about some new natural consequences that we could implement. So this morning -- we began.  I turned up the music and said, "Lets get the playroom cleaned so we can have some fun run and wiggle time (running around crazy until them music stops, then you freeze) and not trip all over toys. I took an item into the kitchen and came back in to find them playing and goofing off - not a surprise since goofing off while cleaning is my biggest battle. So, I sent the boys outside, cleaned the playroom myself in silence (so nice), bagged up toys for donations, and then let them back in. Drew hates to get rid of toys, so he was heartbroken to see some of his "beloved toys;" you know the ones they throw all over to make the mess with but never actually play with, bagged up for donation. They will be finding other ways to occupy their time today since the toys are all off limits. I foresee a lot of reading in our future!

Abby is 7 Months

Abby is growing and changing daily! She has  been sleeping a ton and leaning new things - at 7 months she is now sitting up and grabbing her toys. She is so proud of herself, just look at the smiles I captured yesterday!!!! She had her checkup at 6 months and weighed around 15 pounds. She is the easiest baby - so happy and content. She found out that sleeping on her tummy is wonderful, so now she immediately rolls over when you put her down for naps. Consequently, she is sleeping much longer and her tummy problems are gone! She still gets gassy but is able to take care of it herself by sleeping on her tummy. Abby is intoxicated with her brothers, she'll watch them all day long, just laughing at them and cooing, The boys love to spend time with her too which I never expected.

Just look at all her smiles, what a happy baby!

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