Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blessings From the Quiet

Tonight as I sit missing my husband, waiting for sleep to come.  I decided it was time to meditate on the many blessings the Lord has comforted me with tonight.
622 My wonderful husband who gentle leads us towards the cross. I miss you, but am thankful for the time to grow, miss, and await our reunion. I’ve become so accustomed to your leading that when you are away its hard making decisions and having confidence in them. Good thing your only a phone call away.

623 A little  boys tantrum which ends in him telling me he has a “happy heart.” The eyes of repentance without a word from mommy, just that look,  was a nice bonus too.

624 A spontaneous trip to the pool, thank you Lord for the sweet  dad who threw balls with Drew most of the time. They were so kind to include him.

625 Abby’s little coo’s and giggles as I blow on her tummy. I just love her gentle and sweet spirit that fills her whole countenance. She can light up a room with just a smile.

626 A little girls tummy and  reflux that finally resolved itself!
627 A Summer rainstorm to cool us out of the triple digits.

628 The wonder and excitement when new children’s books arrive by mail! An added bonus was the great prices and free shipping.

629  Thank you Father for the times I did hold me tongue this week, even when I wanted to say more. Help me to practice this art – with friends, family and especially my children. Thank you for the logical consequences  that do a lot of the teaching , like showing up to the hot cemented pool without shoes!

630 Teachable moments this week which ended in repentant hearts and brotherly love. I’m so grateful that Drew and Gabe have one another to grow old with, may they be best friends!
631. Newly married visitors from Oregon to bless our Sunday!
632. Get Together with friends over A/C  and table talk, it is amazing that 6 little boys can get along so well! Poor Abby needs some playmates.
633. Saved turtles from car tires turned nature journal lesson!

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