Saturday, August 14, 2010


I just spent 249 hours as a single parent, I'm in the home stretch - I've almost made it! John returns home tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon! I learned so many things over the last 249 hours, mainly that the Lord is my strength and helper.  We had some wonderful days, there were also a few not so good days thrown in; just as a test to my wits!

  • Photography = energy and I don't have any. Not one picture was taken in the last 249 hours  and I'm missing my camera and capturing the crazy memories of our family.
  • The boys miss their daddy terrible when he is away; though not quite as much as their mommy. Every time we drove in to our driveway Gabe would yell, "Daddy's home" because his car was parked in the driveway. . 
  • Three children are exhausting but God gives grace to the broken and tired!
  • Time with my children is priceless - without a husband to serve I do feel like I spent way more time engaging my children in conversations and books and fun family times.
  • Morning hour quiet before the kids all awake are like pure honey on my soul
  • Outings with friends are worth their weight in gold
  • Nana's are always welcome to take any or all of the children for overnights - especially when one of them throws up in the middle of the night. So thankful I wasn't around for that one.... sorry mom!
  • Home alone for 249 hours makes it easy to stay frugal - too much  work to get everyone out when working around naps and feeding and bathroom trips.
  • I still love my alone time - I miss blogging and journaling, even more so when I haven't a moment to spare in each day. My journals and blogs are how I express all the crazy stuff going off in my head, without it I have lots of emotions and no where to put them!
  • Mac&Cheese is a great dinner, little mess and everyone is happy!
  • A good book with the kids cuddling together is better than getting to bed on time
  • When I cry in front of my kids they amazingly change into compassionate & obedient children
  • Winston will get over John not being home after 4 nights - he wandered around crying for the first 4 nights. I banished him to the backyard!
  • A 30 minute Hermie and Friends DVD won't kill my kids creativity and it does a lot for a tired mommy who just wants to read an grown up book.
  • Time just being with my boys afforded many wonderful conversations - like what are hurricanes, why do they pick up fish, why would God allow for hurricanes, does the world turn upside down, how do  we build a boat as big as the Ark, what is a diorama, why do boats need channels, what is a channel, what does the word sturdy mean, why do we only have circle time Monday through Friday, why do people die in war, and  on and on and on! We did a lot of learning preparing for school to start next Monday. 
  • Books are our best friend! We spent a lot of hours diving into books instead of me spending time in the kitchen. I think I'll be learning from this lesson and making some easier meals so we can all steal away and read more!
The house has been cleaned, legs shaved, the sheets are getting washed tomorrow morning, I repaired the clogged sink, added coolant to the car, laundry done, dishes washed, grocery shopping done, floor mopped, and the garbage has been taken out. Candles will be burning upon his arrival! We're all ready for Daddy to come home! I missed him so much and anxiously await his bright smile tomorrow afternoon -- 14 hundred.

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