Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacations Are For Family

We just returned from a 4 day vacation to Brokenbow Oklahoma. It  was so nice to get away, even though it took so much time and work to get all 5 of us, plus  the dog,  on the road. It was a relaxing trip which my sister and I planned as a gift for my mom graduation from college. The  boys LOVED every minute of the fun, the hot tub was Drew's favorite place to play at night. They also loved the fire pit and making S'mores, riding horses, jet ski's and a train. It was a  fun trip, the boys did great. Abby was cranky and totally off her sleep schedule, but cam home, went right to sleep and hasn't had any problems since.

The video below is a fun song that I taught the boys. They love it! Gabe is just starting to learn how to sing,  He is rather quiet even though he knows the song, Abby on the other hand is very loud! You  can hear her in the background fussing for some milk.

Drew and I have been practicing school, finding some additional things that work and other things that don't/ I joined a support group for homeschooling mom's and have officially taken the plunge into teaching my kids at home. Yikes! Drew will be using unit studies this year, our first half of the year is planned, the packets purchased and my mind is swimming with fun ideas and books to add to our library. The group I joined meets on Thursday's so Drew can make some new friends and enjoy playing at the park. They also have a co-op which he can do when he gets a little older. Such an exciting yet totally scary time in my life. I've always wanted to home-school, just taking that big plunge is very frightening.

Today I had Drew work on a nature journal to see if he would enjoy it. Wow, that child is nuts about writing and stories and coloring (when he has a focus). Drew absolutely loved the whole thing! His turtle drawings weren't half bad either. We compared pictures of the turtles John found; though the turtles were  released the following day, we had pictures of them to put in our nature journal. Then Drew compared the traits of each turtle, colored a picture with those traits included, and dictated a story about them. He would have gone on for hours with his elaborate story, but I ran out of paper! His story was so cute - he named the turtles Sara and Cana. Where he comes up with these names, I'm not sure of, but he remembered every detail of those turtles and their story. Then he must have had me read the story back to him 7+ times. Wow, such fun we will have this year! I just pray he is this enthusiastic in everything we do!

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