Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend To Remember

Commitment -- on the  day John and I were married we committed to love, honor, cherish, and respect each other until death. I even promised to OBEY, that dangerous little word that makes people think they will be trampled all over. I, in faith, promised to obey because that is what the Lord requires of me. After 7 1/2 years I'm so glad that I acted out of faith, because obedience has been my biggest struggle & my greatest reward! It is the hardest part of being married - obeying my husband and obeying God, These conferences challenge and encourage me that obedience is worth striving for! My marriage isn't perfect, but close to it because we've followed God's principles outlined in the Bible. I'm not perfect, nor do I come close. John is such a great husband because he sees me fail at obedience all the time, he is the one who encourages me and helps me get back up and try again. He is the quickest to forgive and the most faithful at never bringing it up again.  I'm a blessed woman to be married to such a man and have the favor of the Lord residing over our marriage.

There were no outs on that day we said "I do", no falling out of love, only a commitment to stay married for the rest of our lives together on this earth - we made a covenant with each other, just as God has made a covenant with those who commit to Him. Covenants are breakable only unto death. Since we  committed, we decided  we should also enjoy the journey so we made an agreement - to attend one marriage building activity each year. This activity serves as a marriage tune up - a time to remember what we're suppose to be doing, a  challenge from others who have gone before, a re-commitment to those vows we made in faith to be acted out in obedience.

So this past weekend, we spent a wonderful weekend away attending our 5th Family Life Marriage conference at the Gaylord Texan. Over the years we have also attended a Gary Chapman conference and two marriage Bible studies - Two Becoming One and Marriage on the Rock. Last year we saw Crawford Laritz and his wife at our church marraige conference. What a weekend we had together! John and I attended with our friends the Tyson's. Its an annual thing for us both!

Nicole is my "twin" so it only seems normal to do lots of things together. We seriously are twins, not to regress, we have moles in the same place, love the same restaurants, decorate our house the same, even like the same names for our kids!

Anyhow, we had a great weekend away! The tune up was wonderful, the hotel room was spectacular, and the food was amazing. What amazed me even more was the growth John has made over the many years we've  been attending! I guess I should give myself some credit and say that I've grown a little too! For many years I would sit and think "did you hear that honey" "He is speaking to you" "That quote was just for you John!" I know that is terrible that I'd think those things at a marriage conference where I'm suppose to be changing myself. This year as the speakers were sharing I just kept thinking, "Wow my husband does that" and "John is so good at showing me unconditional love" or " What a great idea, John would love it if I did that." My husband has changed a lot in the 7 1/2 years we have been married. Just look at him, when we were first married he would have never posed with our leopard print wearing daughter and have a genuine smile on his face! I love you John, your mine forever!


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